Recipe: Peppermint Ice Cream Snow Balls

During a holidays, we mostly are creation cooking for guest and also perplexing to find a time to make a homemade dessert. Here is a resolution to a tasty dessert that is all assembly, no baking or measuring cups required!

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Peppermint ice cream is a anniversary season that happens to be my favorite ice cream. I’m not certain because this is seasonal, though along with candy canes, peppermint flavored ice cream is something we need to take advantage of when it’s available. Thus, a imagination approach to offer it is something we am all about!


Peppermint snowballs are easy to make and gratifying — as good as delicious!

When we start combining a balls, you’ll simply dip out ice cream and, in a identical conform to make-up a snowball, you’ll start combining a ice cream ball. Beware … it’s SO COLD! But, a earlier we can get it into a shredded coconut, a better. Once it’s rolled in a white flakes, it’s distant easier to handle. Then, we simply place them on polish paper and put in a freezer for 4 hours, or a integrate days … it’s a good make forward dessert. Once they are entirely frozen, we ostensible we could send them to a freezer Ziploc and keep for distant longer, though nothing have lasted that prolonged in my house!


Here are a peppermint snowballs only out of a freezer.


Take them and place on a holiday platter, like this one. I’m a fan of red for this display … though immature or bullion would be unequivocally flattering as well. Then, supplement your favorite chocolate syrup.


Up close. This is after a chocolate syrup and peppermint sugarine dirt were combined (see sum next on how to make).


I wrote with a syrup “Merry Christmas” to make it some-more festive!


The opening of a chocolate syrup enclosure is simply too large to be means to make a display as “refined” as we wanted this. So, we eliminated a whole Hershey’s Simply 5 to a fist bottle, a transparent form that infrequently ketchup is served in. These bottles come in unequivocally accessible for this form of thing.


Making powdered candy shaft sugarine is easy. Just place candy canes in a Ninja or other high-powered blender. In a few seconds, we will have powdered sugar, though it’s peppermint flavored. We call it peppermint dirt in my family!


Serve true from a platter.


Serve any peppermint sleet round in a bowl. Have a chocolate syrup on palm for those who cite more.

Got it?

Run to Kroger and get a following ingredients:

  • Purity peppermint holiday book ice cream
  • Hershey’s Simple 5 Syrup
  • Candy canes
  • Shredded coconut

Directions: Scoop ice cream out of a enclosure for about 1/2 crater to 1 crater sized balls. Pack, only like we would a snowball, that we can do improved once a round is coated in coconut. (When we try one, you’ll see what we mean.) Then, place on polish paper in a freezer for during slightest 4 hours, or overnight. Take dual candy canes and put them in a Ninja or other high powered blender for a few seconds. This will make a “peppermint dust.” When a ice cream snowballs are ready, place on a gratifying plate. Use chocolate syrup in a musical manner, crisscrossing a ice cream snowballs. Then, shower with a peppermint dust. Voila! Desert is served.

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