RECALL: Ice cream bars from Aldi, Kroger, Dollar Tree, BJ’s & more

Check your freezer! Multiple ice cream bars have been removed due to probable Listeria monocytogenes contamination. They were sole during over 40 retailers including Kroger, Aldi, BJ’s and Dollar Tree.

According to a remember notice on a FDA website, a remember from Fieldbrook Foods Corporation includes all orange cream bars and chocolate coated vanilla ice cream bars that were constructed in 2017 on a company’s Hoyer 1 Line during a Dunkirk, NY plant (plant formula 362677).

The removed orange cream bars, chocolate coated vanilla ice cream bars, and accumulation packs that embody chocolate coated vanilla ice cream bars were sole during a following internal merchants underneath a indicated brands. You can see all a stores that are enclosed in this remember during

* ALDI underneath a code name Sundae Shoppe

* BJ’s underneath a code name Wellsley Farms

* Kroger underneath a Kroger name

* Dollar Tree underneath a code name Party Treat

* Bi Lo underneath a name Southern Home (for a Charlotte area readers)

The removed products have a prolongation date of Jan 1, 2017 to Dec 31, 2017 and a “best by” date of Jan 1, 2018 to Dec 31, 2018.

The FDA remember indicates that “No illnesses have been reported to date in tie with this problem. The intensity for decay was remarkable after slight attention contrast suggested a participation of Listeria monocytogenes in usually a few ice cream bar samples of many tested. The enlargement of a remember is out of prevision for consumer health and food reserve after a few additional samples tested certain for a participation of Listeria monocytogenes. There is no justification of any decay before to Oct 31, 2017, though a association has released a remember behind to Jan 1, 2017 by an contentment of counsel and in full team-work with a FDA. The association has dangling prolongation and placement of all products constructed on this prolongation line while it cooperates with a FDA to entirely examine a source of a problem.”

Consumers who have purchased these products should lapse them to a place of squeeze for a full refund. If we have any questions, call the association during 1 800/333-0805 x2270.

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