Reader: Your Best Chicken Wings Just Won’t Fly

The wings during Ace unequivocally fly.

In respect of National Chicken Wing Day, we recently served adult a group of a favorite duck wings in Denver, and readers immediately started squawking about a choices…and more. Says Meghan:

I don’t know how Ace is not series one…I have a critical obsession and will expostulate out of my approach to hoover them. See, now we competence have to expostulate there only articulate about them. Guess I’ll need to go on a wings highway trip.

Adds John:

The Rock Rest has to be on any list of wings in Denver.

Says Kathy: 

They forgot Wishbone! Family-owned grill for many generations. Best boiled duck I’ve had in Denver area. 

But afterwards there’s this from Jim: 

The 10 best in Denver wouldn’t make it into a 100 best in Atlanta. Or Charlotte. Or Dallas. Or Kansas City. Or Nashville. Or.. Or…. Denver sucks during boiled chicken.

And this from Dehlia: 

Nothing is some-more repulsive than people who dog that Denver isn’t like other cities. This is a internal magazine,  who cares about those other cities’ artery-clogging, grease-bucket restaurants?

Speaking of grease, Jann concludes:

You comprehend boiled duck is a series one cholesterol-causing, heart attack-causing food in a world? Right? It is genocide food. Right. Seriously, a American Medical Association only came out with a news final week that boiled duck is a misfortune probable food we can put in your body. It’s worse than potato chips, worse than french fries, it’s worse than a cheeseburger, it’s worse than pizza — okay, maybe not worse than pizza though it’s f****** right adult there passed passed passed passed passed passed dead.

So, if you’re going to risk your life, where do we go for wings in Denver?

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