Pulled Pork Sweet Potato Skins Are a Ultimate Super Bowl Snack

The potato skin is a buttress in America’s game-day food criterion for a reason. It follows a pleasing mathematical equation: boiled starch, and tainted pig products, and cheese, equals a ideal drink accoutrement. It’s only a reward that we can impact them behind mindlessly with one hand, withdrawal your widespread palm to vigourously gesticulate during a TV when a ref misses a holding call. And we know he did it intentionally since Roger Goodell privately rigs each game, God dammit!

Anyways, swindling theories (that are totally accurate) aside, I’m only observant that while, approbation it’s good to change things up, we shouldn’t change things adult too most with a potato skin. Just change a mixture in a equation a small bit. Swap your normal potato out with a some-more dainty honeyed potato, underling out bacon pieces for a large raise of proposal pulled pork, and afterwards cover it in cheese and additional crispy onion pieces to tie a whole design together. Stick to a regulation and you’ll be alright.

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