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Fresh Bangin’ Eatery

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Note: Fresh Bangin’ will be on winter interregnum between Dec. 16 and Feb 1.

Chef Scott Price loves creme brulee.

In his dessert deference, he is no opposite than many, many others. There is a certain condolence in an dusk finished with a pot of abounding vanilla custard and that crisp defense of destroyed sugarine — a harsh, biting shards soothed by prosperous cream.

But Price is a chef. He experiments with mixture and ponders new combinations — a slight triggered roughly automatically when he encounters a scent, a suggestion, even a informed ingredient.

“I’m constantly branch — how can we get that into a creme brulee” pronounced Price, who works alongside associate cook John Arslanian during Fresh Bangin’ Eatery. “That’s a genuine challenge.”

So we competence never see common creme brulee on a restaurant’s menu. You may, however, find poached pear, pumpkin, pickled caramel or some-more outlandish flavors — string candy in time for a county fair, candy corn for Halloween, peanut butter and jelly, well, only since — depending on a season.

His stream offerings are eggnog and prohibited cocoa, both a play on winter favorites.

The eggnog creme brulee is supernatural in a similarity to a holiday crater — palatable with cream and eggs, plumped by sweetness. It’s an exuberant and pleasing dip, capped by a sugarine veneer dusted with only adequate nutmeg to remind one of gratifying family parties.

Yet for Price, it competence be a bit routine.

“I’ve done a eggnog now for dual winters,” he said. “It’s a outrageous seller.”

The prohibited cocoa creme brulee was a bit some-more challenging, though equally triumphant.

The pretence was to come adult with something some-more than a elementary chocolate flavor, a chronicle one can find only about anywhere chefs tire of plain aged creme brulee. So Price stretched scalded cream over marshmallows before scheming a custard.

“I only wanted to get a feel of prohibited cocoa on a winter day,” he explained.

The outcome is pointed — a snippet of that cloudy benevolence gleaned from puffed marshmallows as they warp into prohibited chocolate. It’s a impression that competence be some-more conspicuous if it were absent from a pot, though one that buffers a bittersweet, dim chocolate pang from a bruleed coating.

It’s a pleasing winter dessert.

Hot cocoa is one of a singular occasions Price does not deliver flavors directly into a custard. When he prepared a immature tea creme brulee, he steeped bags in a cream as it heated.

Otherwise, for Price a dessert is a elementary prospect.

“The slight is a small inconstant — not overcooking, not undercooking,” a cook said. “If we have patience, we won’t disaster it up.”

Fresh Bangin’ will tighten on Dec 16 so a chefs can have a small rest before they dive into training for a Lakeport opening. So Price has copiousness of time to devise his Feb flavors.

Like he said, creme brulee is his favorite thing.

“If a on a menu, I’m grouping it,” he observed. Only now, after so many opposite flavors, so most experimentation, he can hardly move himself to cruise a plain aged creme brulee.

Why would he, when he has entrance to eggnog or prohibited cocoa?

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