Pretty Cool Ice Cream opens Friday with custard bars, solidified pops …

When we travel by a pink-framed doors of Pretty Cool Ice Cream, opening Friday in Logan Square, you’ll find a menu of scarcely 50 flavors, from vanilla to black hiss buttermilk and even a definitely Upper Midwestern Blue Moon, though we won’t find a singular scoop.

“Pretty Cool Ice Cream is a newness shop,” pronounced cook and owners Dana Salls Cree, former Publican code executive fritter cook and author of “Hello, My Name Is Ice Cream: The Art and Science of a Scoop.”

As if starting a new association and building out a emporium were not enough, she married Quiote grill cook and owners Dan Salls progressing this year and they’re awaiting a baby in November.

Salls Cree and co-owner Michael Ciapciak, owners of Bang Bang Pie Biscuits, announced a ice cream association and flagship storefront behind in January. Since then, they’ve remade a lifeless area U.S. Post Office apparatus into a visually impediment succulent art destination.

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