Prepare, Patty People, for Cheeseburger Week Is Nigh

Holiday transport offers adult a undoubted cornucopia of tasty must-serves, from a brisket of Hanukkah to a hams of Christmas to Thanksgiving turkeys and about a hundred (or more) dishes that are staples on many families’ anniversary menus.

But a cheeseburger? As a yule treat? Not… so much.

Sure, we competence squeeze a discerning patty-and-two-bun-er (plus cheddar) while you’re out finishing your stocking shopping, yet a holdable noshable is some-more mostly seen around a large summer occasions, like a Fourth of July, rather than a wintertime gatherings.

That all changes, however, when Cheeseburger Week earnings to Pasadena in early January.

True, a holidays have roughly wholly wrapped by a initial weekend of a initial month, yet not quite, as there are still some joyous celebrations to go. Which means a savory-loving Southern Californian competence rightly contend that cheeseburgers are indeed partial of a gratifying year-ending, year-beginning landscape of a region.

Or rather, a area’s eatscape.

The backstory on Cheeseburger Week? The iconic, dairy-loaded spin on a classical burger is pronounced to have low roots in a Crown City, dating behind to 1924 and a Rite Spot, where Lionel Sternberger initial concocted a delicious, rather messy, always stuffing foodstuff.

The nowstory on Cheeseburger Week? It happens during California Restaurant Month, that runs all Jan long, yet a cheeseburgery specials around Pasadena will be accessible from Sunday, Jan. 7 by Friday, Jan. 12, 2018.

That’s it. Six days, cheeseburger people. Hem not, nor haw.

Some places, like Kings Row Gastropub, will “…offer specifically combined burgers for Cheeseburger Week.” Some places, like Dog Haus, will go a special deals route.

And there’s a Cheeseburger Challenge, giving internal burger buffs a possibility to have their contend as to what mark honors a plate in a many delectable, Swiss-melting-est, ketchup-slathering-est fashion.

We can put ketchup on cheeseburgers, yes? Or is aioli now a thing? Mustard? To any cheeseburgerist her delightful, artistic own, we say.

For all of a places, details, and information on a Cheeseburger Challenge, study up before a initial Sunday of a year arrives, and, with it, Pasadena’s second claim-to-fame-iest week of January. 

The Rose Parade competence be done, yet now another ancestral charity from a ancestral city will be in a famous spotlight, momentarily.

No floats here, though, unless we sequence one on a side of your cheeseburger, a kind of boyant that boasts ice cream and soda.

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