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The burnt almond torte combined during Pittsburgh-based Prantl’s Bakery has been named Pennsylvania’s best by a Food Network.

The Food Network’s “50 States of Cakes ,” comparison decadent cakes from opposite a map.

Noting that “Prantl’s is a Pittsburgh institution,” a network describes a confection this way:

“Layers of light yellow cake are hold together with vanilla custard, lonesome in snow-white buttercream and smothered in toasty sugared almonds. The nuts make a cake. Every morning, bakers toss sliced almonds with sugar, egg whites and water, afterwards toast them until they’re golden and brittle. They press them onto all sides of any and each cake by hand.

“Prantl’s ships a cake to sentimental former Pittsburghers all over a country.”

The torte already had been admitted ” a biggest cake America ever done ” by a Huffington Post.

National direct for a torte led bakery owners John Felice of Hempfield to enhance to Greensburg .

The new Prantl’s Bakery plcae during 612 Grove St. accepts prepaid orders for a torte and custom-designed cakes for pickup.

Prantl’s Greensburg Cake Decorating and Design Center non-stop Jan. 2, according to a Facebook page. The bakery employs a pattern group to emanate special-occasions cakes.

Prantl’s also acquired Jeff Pastor’s Special Order Bakery, that has been creation desserts in Greensburg for some-more than 20 years. Pastor will continue to bake for Prantl’s, according to bakery officials.

The Grove Street trickery is producing baked products to perform online orders and addition a supply during existent stores in Shadyside and in Market Square, Felice pronounced in September.

The Pittsburgh locations had run out of ability to accommodate rising demand, Felice said.

The Grove travel building is a former home of Anderson’s Market, a ancestral area grocery that operated for a century, until 2005.

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