POLICE: Pizza Hut attempted pirate confesses to Dairy Queen …

A male arrested Monday in Port Huron for allegedly perplexing to sack a Pizza Hut has confessed to another grill robbery, according to a St. Clair County Sheriff Department. 

Deputies were called to a Dairy Queen in a 3800 retard of Pine Grove Avenue in Fort Gratiot about 1:40 p.m. Saturday. 

Witnesses pronounced a male went inside a restaurant, demanded income and pragmatic he had a arms in his waistband. The think afterwards reached into a register and grabbed money before using from a scene. 

Deputies searched a area but being means to locate a suspect. No one was harmed during a robbery. 

Monday, officers responded to a Pizza Hut in Port Huron to a news a male armed with a blade attempting to sack a restaurant. 

Police officers were in a area when a investigator saw a questionable theme journey a area on a bicycle. The male was stopped and related to a attempted robbery. 

Mark James Sochacki was arraigned Wednesday on one count of attack with vigilant to sack while armed, a transgression that carries adult to life in prison. 

Officials pronounced Sochacki was wearing a same garments and matched a outline of a Dairy Queen spoliation suspect. When questioned by a detective, he confessed to a Fort Gratiot robbery, according to a policeman department.

He is approaching to be arraigned this week in that case. 

Information about a Dairy Queen spoliation was not expelled until Wednesday. 

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