Police officers palm out ice cream instead of tickets on prohibited day

It was a breathless prohibited day in Halifax, Virginia, final Friday, so Officer Brian Warner and Police Chief Kevin Lands motionless to cold down their village in a best approach possible.

While sitting during a internal caf� forward of their shift, a dual officers came adult with a thought to palm out ice cream cones instead of tickets. They went to collect adult some ice, a cooler and a few dozen ice cream cones and set off to widespread some cheer.

“We only wanted to make people smile,” Lands told TODAY.

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“It was only so prohibited that day, we wanted to do something fun and lighten people’s days,” Warner, 35, told TODAY.

halifax military palm out ice creamCourtesy of Kevin Lands

They pulled over cars for teenager trade violations — like texting while pushing or forgetful a spin vigilance — that they’d customarily let off with a warning,

“We’re flattering passive and try to give out a lot of warnings since we wish a village to be wakeful of a risk they could’ve caused to others, though still not hurt their day,” Warner said.

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The officers pulled over about 10 cars that day and finished certain no passengers gathering divided but a honeyed provide in hand.

This wasn’t a initial time a twin has finished something like this. Just this past Mother’s Day, they handed out cards to each automobile they pulled over.

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Lands prisoner one of a encounters on video and uploaded it to Facebook after that day. In a clip, that has now been noticed scarcely 8 million times, a solemn-looking lady behind a circle learns about “vehicle formula 1739,” that says “it’s opposite a law to expostulate on a prohibited day but an ice cream cone.” The lady bursts into laughter, along with her passenger, after conference a news.

“Her greeting was precious — a approach she was shouting and carrying a good time was unequivocally neat to see,” Warner said. “We wanted to get a word out there that we have fun with a community.”

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