Police emanate ice cream to drivers who ‘break a law’

Halifax  Police

Halifax  Police

HALIFAX, Va. — It is always a nerve-wracking knowledge when we get pulled over by police. Sometimes we know we were speeding and only get busted. Other times, we might have no thought we were doing something opposite a law.

Such was a box this week in Halifax, Virginia where Police Chief Kevin Lands and Officer Brian Warner pulled over drivers for violating car formula — differently famous as driving on a prohibited day but ice cream.

The span available one such trade stop and a outcome should move a grin to your face.

OFFICER WARNER: Good afternoon ma’am. My name is Officer Warner and we am with a Halifax Police Department. Do we know a reason because we pulled we over today?

DRIVER: No sir.

OFFICER WARNER: Are we informed with car formula


OFFICER WARNER: Well it’s indeed opposite a law to expostulate on a prohibited day but an ice cream cone. So on interest of a Halifax Police Department, we’re only creation certain everybody is following all a laws currently and are pushing with ice cream.


PASSENGER: Y’all have a wonderful, sanctified day.

As we can see, a military purchased ice cream cones and handed them out to drivers.

When asked because he did it, Chief Lands pronounced that he and Officer Warner, “wanted to try and put some smiles on people’s faces.”

Mission accomplished.

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