(PHOTO GALLERY) Giant jellyfish dress wins Mayor’s Trophy during Newtown Halloween Parade; eventuality forced inside by …

Newtown Borough Rain and breeze forced a annual Newtown Borough Halloween Parade inside, though it couldn’t moderate a enthusiasm.

Several hundred kids and their relatives packaged a gentle and dry ancestral Newtown Theatre Saturday morning to uncover off an heterogeneous collection of costumes, from a hulk blinking eyeball to Gritty, a Philadelphia Flyers’ new mascot.

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“Thank we for entrance out currently to suffer a stormy Halloween,” pronounced Mayor Charles Swartz in welcoming everybody to a event. “Sorry a continue is not cooperating, though here we are inside a film entertainment with a gymnasium filled with some good costumes.”

The ancestral gymnasium bustled with fad as a row of judges, including Police Chief James Sabbath, Paul Salvatore, Heather Lewis and Liz Warren, legalised a several categories from TV and cinema to family themes, scariest and homemade costumes.

They were met with an auditorium packaged with costumed kids dressed as superheroes, a Cookie Monster, Winnie a Pooh, Paddington Bear, a Vampire King, Thomas a Train, a Three Blind Mice, a Shining, Zombie Hunter, mermaids, witches, Sponge Bob, characters from a film “Frozen” and “101 Dalmatians” and from a TV cartoons “Bob’s Burgers” and “Monsters Inc.,” among many, many others.

Alf done a lapse outing to Earth for a event. Ms. PAC-MAN arrived around time appurtenance from a 1980s. The pinkish Energizer Bunny wearing sunglasses and blue and black striped sandals rolled by. Founding Father Ben Franklin was there. And from a universe far, distant divided came characterss from Star Wars, including BB-8.

Newtown Borough Councilwoman Nicole Rodowicz served as emcee, introducing any impression on theatre in a mini-parade of categories.

“The costumes this year are amazing,” pronounced Rodowicz as she introduced any child and family.

Taking this year’s grand esteem – a Mayor’s Trophy – for best dress was Macey Ludwig of Newtown dressed as a hulk jellyfish. The handmade dress was reasonably done out of an umbrella.

Winning a Newtown Borough Award was a Prousi family – Anthony, Sommer, Delfine and Louisa – dressed as characters from a book and movie, “Eloise.”

Rebecca Schottmiller, portraying a lady from a movie, “The Ring,” crawled out of a good to explain a pretension of scariest in a Halloween Horror category.

Meanwhile, Joseph, Gerard and Lauren Allen as Prince and a Revolution and Purple Rain won for best primogenitor and child costume.

Alessio, Mario and Silvia Ciccardi from Game of Thrones won initial in a storybook and anticipation category. The Muppets (Ava, Charlie and Baxter Hirschmann) won initial in a Pampered Pets category. The Sebastian Family won initial in organisation for Wicked Witch and Flying Monkeys. And in a best homemade category, a hulk eyeball (seven year aged Lilly Hayes of Newtown) won initial prize.

The Osecki Family and “Rub a Dub Dub, Three Men in a Tub” won initial for best float. First place in Halloween Humor went to Connor McCormick as Bad Elmo. In sports, Declan Nicholl won initial for Gritty, a new Flyers mascot. And in a TV and Movies category, a Ivcic family took initial place for “Frozen.”

The morning resolved with a dance celebration on theatre as Halloween song filled a ancestral hall.

The Newtown Borough Recreation Board orderly a eventuality and supposing a ribbons.

Prizes were donated by Turning Point, a new breakfast and lunch mark opening shortly nearby Harvest in a Village of Newtown; Alternate Dimension Toys; Holy Chic Boutique, Newtown Hardware House; Rocco’s during a Brick; a Newtown Brewing Company (opening subsequent summer in a Newtown Business Commons); Studio 35 Salon; Becky’s Newtown Deli; Factory Donuts; Newtown Bike Shop; Bon Appetit; and a newly non-stop Salt Cave.

In addition, Zebra-Striped Whale supposing a giveaway kids cone with sprinkles to each costumed child and Shady Brook Farm gave everybody a certificate to see a holiday light show.

“With giveaway ice cream and a pass to a light show, everybody is a leader currently interjection to Zebra-Striped Whale and Shady Brook Farm,” pronounced Rodowicz.

The Winners

Best Homemade Costume 1. Lilly Hayes (Eyeball). 2. Katherine Nappa (Ms. PacMan). 3. Payton Bertucci (Mermaid Pirate)

Pampered Pets 1. Ava, Charlie and Baxter Hirschmann (The Muppets), 2. David, Nathan and Harley Gensbaur (Dino Family). 3. Denise and Harvey Feeny (Panda).

Storybook Fantasy 1. Alesssio, Mario and Silvia Ciccardi (Game of Thrones). 2. Eleanor Ball (Paddington Bear). 3. The White Family (Three Blind Mice).

TV Movies 1. The Ivcic Family (Frozen). 2. Parker Neuman (Minecraft). 3. Max Shoener (Ben Franklin).

Sports 1. Declan Nichol (Gritty). 2. The Dorsey Family (Lego Family). 3. The Dobosh Family (Paw Patrol).

Horror 1. Rebecca Schottmiller (The Ring). 2. Katherine, Talia, and Max Tannenbaum (The Shining). 3. Ava Sophie Boland (Zombie Hunter).

Parent and Child 1. Joseph and Gerard Allen (Prince/Purple Rain). 2. Jill and Anthony Cammarila (Monsters, Inc.). 3. Christian, MC, and Christian Laubscher (101 Dalmations).

Halloween Humor 1. Connor McCormick (Bad Elmo). 2. Jason Bertucci (Energizer Bunny). 3. Kosi, Chris and Michael Todd (Cookie Monster Cookies)

Group 1. The Sebastian Family (Wicked Witch and Flying Monkeys). 2. The Premsun Family (Dr Suess Cat in a Hat). 3. The Papay Family (Super Mario).

Float 1. The Osecki Family (Three Men in a Tub). 2. Avalinna Lewandowski (80s Boom Box Girl)

Mayor’s Award Macey Ludwig, (Jellyfish)

Boro Award The Prousi Family (Eloise).

Youngest Baby Dobosh (we don’t know a initial name)

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