Phil Rosenthal Gets Access to a Secret Cheeseburger Pop-up

At République.

Photo: Bradley Meinz

For years, Phil Rosenthal worked behind a scenes in radio (he combined Everybody Loves Raymond), and his passion for eating was a small hobby. Then in 2015, he premiered a food-travel uncover with PBS, I’ll Have What Phil’s Having, and now he’s finished a burst to Netflix. Somebody Feed Phil premieres today, display Rosenthal in places like Bangkok, Lisbon, and Mexico City. This week, in his home of Los Angeles, Rosenthal common short-rib crush with Norman Lear, detected a illusory $50 omakase, and ate mixed bánh mìs.

Thursday, Jan 4
Breakfast for me is customarily a same each day: some yogurt, fruit, and cereal, and coffee during Go Get Em Tiger. It’s some of a best coffee I’ve ever had in my life, and it happens to be in my neighborhood.

I had lunch during Sycamore Kitchen. we adore Sycamore Kitchen. we had a turkey bánh mì sandwich. It’s kind of spicy, and they use uninformed turkey and all of a mixture we would find in a bánh mì, though it’s on their thick-cut white bread and it’s out of this world. They make some of a best sandwiches and pastries and salads in Los Angeles. It’s one of my favorite places for lunch. we had a fattoush salad, too. When we go with we to lunch, I’m going to wish to share, so we separate both.

For dinner, we had sushi with my daughter during Sushi One, that is wonderful. They have a $25 special where we get a play of miso soup, afterwards we get 10 pieces of pristine, ideal sushi, and afterwards a outrageous play of udon noodles in soup. And we leave as full as if we ate $100 value of food.

L.A. has a best sushi restaurants in America. You can eat very, unequivocally good sushi for not a lot of money. Of course, if we do spend a lot of money, afterwards a peculiarity only goes adult a small bit from there, and we know, it can be one of a best dishes you’ve ever had in your life.

I try not to break after dinner. I’m perplexing to, we know — we gotta be on television.

Friday, Jan 5
I went to lunch during République with Norman Lear. They brought out this toast with ricotta cheese, pomegranates, and small sliced kumquats, drizzled with honey. What a pleasing plate that was.

Plus, there was a short-rib crush with egg, and afterwards a hulk ravioli with an egg inside and hazelnuts on it and crispy sage. We had a author with us, too, named Katie Dippold, who’s from UCB. She’s a good improviser. we brought her with me to accommodate Norman Lear. we like bringing people to accommodate Norman Lear since they feel like they’re assembly God. I feel like when we go to see him, we shouldn’t keep him all to myself. You gotta share Norman Lear.

That night, we got Indian smoothness from a smashing place that we like called Amar Desh. we always sequence approach too most food. we don’t know why. It contingency be a Jewish thing. we have to make certain there’s adequate for everybody. What if a smoothness man wants to eat with us? we don’t know. So we sequence approach too much. And afterwards we have it in a fridge for a subsequent day or so, and that’s fun, too.

Saturday, Jan 6
I went to Vees for breakfast. It’s only a internal coffee emporium that creates a smashing breakfast burrito.

And afterwards we went to a benefit! It was for service for Haiti, for Sean Penn’s charity. And we only kind of grazed during a small appetiser smorgasboard that they had for a people entrance in. we was backstage a whole time, so we didn’t unequivocally eat. we did have some chips and guacamole. And we got to accommodate James Taylor, so we was unequivocally happy.

Sunday, Jan 7
Burgers Never Say Die is a tip backyard hamburger pop-up that’s been going for a few months now, and we have to know somebody to get in there. And luckily we knew somebody, since it’s one of a best burgers I’ve ever had in my life. Absolutely incredible. He smashes a burger … it looks like a meatball to start, like we would find in a meatballs and spaghetti. And afterwards he smashes it onto a roaster so that it gets super skinny and it gets almost, like — they call it a “meat lace.” Crispy, crispy edges. And we get dual of those, both lonesome with cheese, on a buttered, soothing bun. Then they dress it unequivocally simply with only onions, ketchup, and mustard, and you’ve died and left to burger heaven.

We have film night during my residence on Sundays and we have pizza. But we was so full from a burgers, we didn’t eat a pizza.

Monday, Jan 8
Another outing to République, to take my print for this story! It’s one of my favorite restaurants, though there are dual things we should know: It’s unequivocally tighten to my house, and full disclosure, I’m an investor. But to be fair, I’m an financier in over 20 restaurants.

I saw something on a menu that I’d never seen before: a chili, though finished with steep confit. With an egg on it. we don’t know that if when we brew steep confit into chili it’s technically chili anymore, though we theory it is. It tasted a lot like chili, with duck, and it was one of a best chilies I’d ever had.

There’s a sushi bar on Larchmont that we had never tried, and I’ve lived here 11 years. My mother and we motionless to try it; it’s called Kiku Sushi. They have a $50 omakase that’s so fantastic. You get so most food that we indeed told them to stop. There’s a deal!

Tuesday, Jan 9
We had a premiere of Somebody Feed Phil, during a Netflix building in Hollywood! We finished certain that we were display a Saigon part so that we would have Vietnamese food. We did some research, and a Netflix folks unequivocally cared about this. They got food from a Golden Deli in a San Gabriel Valley — a best open rolls, that they got pre-fried so that they could be boiled on plcae and be prohibited and crispy when a assembly was finished with a episode.

And afterwards we had Bahn Oui do a rest of a catering. Wonderful bánh mìs with pork. And afterwards they had bánh mì with honeyed potato. You’d think, How good could they be? But they were amazing.

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