Pennsylvania emporium sells sauerkraut ice cream for a New Year …

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WFLA/WPMT) – Many people will suffer a pig and sauerkraut cooking this New Year’s Day.

Tradition says it will move we fitness all year long, though would we ever try sauerkraut ice cream?

A emporium called Urban Churn in Pennsylvania, that is famous for a off a wall ice cream flavors, is offered sauerkraut ice cream to applaud a New Year.

They contend it’s a change of sweet, tainted and bitter.

“The vinegar and dairy gives it a buttermilk ambience and we put some of a sauerkraut pieces throughout, so we still get that honeyed salty, tawny with a small bit of bitterness,” pronounced Adam Brackbill.

The emporium sole out of a flavor, though contend if we wish to try an alternative, vanilla ice cream surfaced with sauerkraut is a approach to go.


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