Penn State students import in on HUB Dining: ‘They need to reduce their prices’

Whether it’s Jamba Juice, Chick-fil-A or McAlister’s, eating during a HUB-Robeson Center offers students a mangle from a paltry slight of going to a dining halls for breakfast, lunch and cooking each day.

Judging by a consistent crowds, Penn State students seem to adore eating during a HUB, though what do a over 40,000 people that pass by a HUB each day indeed consider of HUB Dining?

Shannon Jeffers and Avi Moore sat during a list nearby a immature booths as they enjoyed their lunches.

Unlike many other students, Jeffers (senior-psychology) indeed prefers to move her possess lunch to a HUB.

“I live off-campus and we save a lot of income if we container my lunch, so we try to do that a lot,” Jeffers pronounced as she ate a salad she had packaged that morning.

Her favorite place to eat is Sbarro’s when she decides to buy her lunch, that she pronounced customarily happens once a week when she forgets to container her mid-day meal.


Sbarro in a HUB on Monday, Feb. 5, 2018.

Zack Gething

Moore (junior-industrial engineering) was eating a duck sandwich from Chick-fil-A, that he pronounced is his favorite place to eat in a HUB. He customarily cooking during a HUB dual or 3 times per week.

Both Jeffers and Moore have attempted each eatery in a HUB and had some ideas for changes to urge HUB Dining.

Moore pronounced he would like to see a full Chick-fil-A or during slightest a broader menu.

“They need to get a sharp duck sandwich,” Jeffers said. “That’s a best thing on a menu.”

Moore nodded in agreement.

“They need to reduce their prices, too,” Jeffers said.


Students wait in line during Hibachi-San in a HUB on Monday, Feb. 5, 2018.

Zack Gething

She simplified that a HUB didn’t need to adjust a prices of places that are commercial, though it did for all else, namely a salads.

“Those salads are $12,” Jeffers said. “Students wish to eat healthy, though it’s so costly that instead people go get Chick-fil-a for $3.”

Additionally, Moore pronounced he would like to see improvements done during Blue Burrito.

“No one goes there for good reason,” he said. “Compared to other restaurants of that character like Chipotle, Moe’s or California Tortilla we would contend it’s unequivocally not as good.”

“Mexican food is my favorite and we still don’t go to Blue Burrito,” Jeffers said.

Jade Brown and Jenn Shepard have done it a tradition to eat lunch during a HUB together each day. Both ate duck nuggets and fries from Chick-fil-A as they took their scheduled lunch break.

Brown (junior-biobehavioral health) “likes to switch it up” when it comes to her lunch choices.

She customarily frequents McAlister’s Deli, an eatery in a HUB that seems to always have a prolonged line. Brown pronounced her favorite thing to get there is a choose-two choice and she customarily gets a Caesar salad and turkey Reuben.

Shepard (junior-biobehavioral health) on a other palm goes to a same place each day, Soup and Garden. She pronounced she unequivocally likes being means to make her possess salad with grilled chicken, cheese balls, broccoli and feta cheese.

Brown pronounced nonetheless she loves eating during a HUB, infrequently anticipating a chair can be a struggle.

“I’ve always wished they would put in some-more tables,” she said.

Shepard pronounced she wants to see new eateries introduced into HUB Dining.

“It’s easy to get sleepy of a food they have in here,” she said. “I would adore to see them supplement in some essence food. we feel like students would unequivocally like that.”

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