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Your Online Thunderbirds Day Guide

52 years ago today, Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds was promote for a really initial time on ATV. Five (and a bit) decades on, a uncover stays as renouned as ever – with a new era of fans being done wakeful of a classical array by ITV’s ‘reinvention’ of a uncover – a hybrid CGI array called ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’. ITV have motionless to applaud a classical and new array together for a initial time in what is hoped to turn an annual eventuality – Thunderbirds Day! Here’s a discerning Thunderbirds Day beam to a things we can suffer this weekend.

Thunderbirds episodes during Vue Cinemas

Today, a Thunderbirds 1965 part ‘The Abominable Snowman’ is being screened alongside dual new episodes of Thunderbirds are go in a series of Vue cinemas all over a UK. Plenty of tickets are still accessible during a time of writing. Book your Thunderbirds Day screening here.

Thunderbirds Sale during a Gerry Anderson Store

We’re celebrating by giving fans 25% off a operation of Thunderbirds sell during a Gerry Anderson store. The offer includes Thunderbirds toys and models like Corgi’s poetic Thunderbird 2 and 4 models. It runs from 9am on 30th Sep to 11.59pm on Sunday 1st Oct during a Gerry Anderson Store.

Thunderbirds Takeover a Emirates Airline

From 22 Sep to 29 October visitors to a wire automobile can douse themselves in scenes from Tracy Island, as they transport by a themed terminals and take off to the legendary ‘5-4-3-2-1’ countdown in one of a cabins themed as a Thunderbirds vehicles. Find out some-more here.

Lady Penelope themed Cream Tea during a Intercontinental

Until 30th October, visitors to a Intercontinental London during a O2 will be means to relax in a stylish and decadent vicinity of a Meridian Lounge, as they representation tasty themed treats fit for International Rescue’s stylish London Agent, including Tracy Island coconut pineapple verrine, FAB 1 pinkish bonbon torte and Lady Penelope monogrammed macarons. A specifically combined Lady Penelope cocktail will also be on offer providing a ideal finishing hold to a decadent afternoon.

thunderbirds day guide

Fanderson Convention

Fanderson are holding a gathering in Maidenhead to applaud a 50th Anniversary of Captain Scarlet, though we’re flattering certain there’ll be copiousness of Thunderbirds Day celebrations there too. We wish everybody has a illusory time!

So that’s it for a really discerning Thunderbirds day guide. We wish we have an F.A.B day!

What are we removing adult to to applaud Thunderbirds Day? Let us know in a comments territory below!

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