Our 17 Favorite Dive Bars in San Francisco

No matter that city you’re in, you’re going to wish to know where to steep out, hide out for a while in feeble illuminated rooms, and splash breeze beer.

That’s because we’ve put together a list of San Francisco’s best dives, as partial of our MUNCHIES Guide to San Francisco. But with this information comes good responsibility. These are area institutions where outsiders can infrequently be greeted with suspicion—at these spots, do not ask for a white Negroni or a virtuoso root in your drink.

With names like Bender’s, The Knockout, and Gangway, this should seem flattering self-evident. But as prolonged as you’re respecting simple dive bar etiquette, you’ll be on your approach to that special place that usually Jameson and splash on daub can take we to.

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Bender’s: With a indoor bike racks, stickers, and tags all over a place, and decidedly punk stone uncover calendar, Bender’s is so lovably divey that it’s easy to forget that they also have their grand delights: mojitos done with uninformed fruit each Monday, a monthly cheese club, a repeated poutine pop-up, and a city’s best boiled pickles and “tot-chos” (tater kid nachos, if we didn’t put dual and dual together).


The Knockout: Is it a rousing Thursday night bingo games, a sweaty dance parties (crowd surfing has been famous to occur), or a uncanny cocktails (don’t fear a Fireball) that make a Knockout so addictive? The men’s lavatory is notoriously decrepit, though a bartenders are a delight, a pours are strong, and everybody always has fun here.


Gangway: All are acquire during this happy bar in a Tenderloin, that is a oldest in San Francisco and opens during 8 AM. And we do meant all, so come in prepared to have conversations with strangers and don’t be astounded when they hint up. The vibe is as native as it is vaguely nautical, and a drinks won’t mangle a bank.


Geary Club: You wish characters? Geary Club will give we characters. Most of a bartenders are still small aged ladies, and there’s a revolving doorway of all Tenderloin forms fanning by during any given hour. A decent whiskey splash here will set we behind underneath 6 bucks, final we checked.


The Hot Spot: At this super-weird Mid-Market bar, we can get a beer, a shot, and a scratcher gold for $5. The best partial is that if we win a scratcher, we can use it to buy some-more beers, shots, and scratchers. They also have a boozy chronicle of Plinko called “Drinko” and infrequently sell Chef Boyardee ravioli on a low. Basically, it’s heaven.


Trad’r Sam: While San Francisco has many upscale tiki bars that will make we feel like a Polynesian king or princess, Trad’r Sam is…not one of those. It’s fundamentally a dive on a Hawaiian vacation, with dangerously clever rum drinks and a ruin of a lot of kitsch. It’s also money only, with outrageous punch bowls and even some drinks done with ice cream (diabetics, beware). This is escapism during a chintziest, and we meant that as a compliment.


Phone Booth: With lighting so low we can hardly see, an immaculately curated jukebox, accessible bartenders, and inexpensive drinks, Phone Booth is a ideal area dive. You could fume in there—maybe legally, maybe not—until a integrate of years ago, so a aroma of your highly-strung aunt’s vital room permeates. Plus, there’s a lovable bar dog named Rufus and a candelabrum done out of exposed Barbies.


SF Eagle Lounge: Formerly a Eagle Tavern, this SOMA leather daddy bar with a outrageous backyard is well-loved by gays and non-gays alike, interjection to a overarching atmosphere of PMA and welcomeness to all.


Hockey Haven: If we wish to step into a sports bar star inexperienced by a sands of time or a appearing change of techies and Animal Collective fans, Hockey Haven is your spot. You will not see anyone we know there, ever, unless we tell too many people about this bliss where we can be left alone to get squandered and scream during flat-screen TVs with aged inebriated strangers.

Check out the finish MUNCHIES Guide to San Francisco to see eight other divey paradises that San Francisco has to offer. 

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