Oreo mix installed with cookie chunks

What beats your favorite Oreo cookie though still tastes like an Oreo cookie?

How about protected and succulent Oreo cookie dough.

The Cookie Dough Cafe, an Illinois-based emporium that got a start by a renouned TV uncover “Shark Tank” in 2014, has combined a Cookies Cream-flavored cookie mix installed with chunks of Oreo cookies.

For now, those outward of Illinois can usually squeeze a latest food origination online.

The Cookie Dough Cafe had sole Cookie Cream-flavored mix before. But now, it’ll have a Oreo code trustworthy to a product and comes in an Oreo jar.

Two pints of Oreo cookie mix cost $22.

The cookie mix is succulent and protected from salmonella since it doesn’t enclose any tender eggs. It also comes in flavors such as Confetti, Chocolate Chip and a peanut butter MM season called “Monster.”

The dough, according to a Cookie Dough Cafe website, can be refrigerated adult to 20 weeks and kept solidified for adult to 12 months.



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