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EARLIER this month, Mumbai’s renouned grill The Bombay Canteen sent out a tweet, mouth-watering resumes of people with “a passion for food to come aboard, transport opposite India and arise family with farmers and producers”. Within a subsequent integrate of days, a restaurant’s cook Thomas Zacharias perceived mails from over 80 candidates, many of whom, he says, were those looking to switch their career. While this reflects a recognition of a restaurant, it also shows how severely Indians currently are holding their food, generally a healthy variety. “Indians are not customarily recognising a immeasurable accumulation of cuisines though also realising that eating healthy means eating fresh, locally sourced anniversary ingredients,” says Zacharias.

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When The Pantry launched in Kala Ghoda in 2012, their guarantee was a menu that would not underline alien products though mixture that they would source from farmers in and around Mumbai. Organic and/or artisanal, their hams, cheeses, vegetables lent their menu a graphic touch. It’s been a format that many restaurants have given followed. Today, as they evolve, The Pantry reworks a menu each deteriorate to embody specials and has also given introduced equipment that interest to a health-conscious. For instance, there are organic waffles served with anniversary fruits, vanilla custard and honey, vegan milkshakes and home-baked granola, among other items, on their menu.

Likewise, Birdsong Cafe (Bandra), a Belgian sequence Le Pain Quotidien, The Sassy Spoon (Bandra, Nariman Point) in Mumbai as good as Lean Chef (GK II), Organic Express (Gurugram), and Nourish Organics (Lodhi Colony) in Delhi-NCR, have menus that accommodate healthy food choices.

While a series of restaurants have begun to embody such options as a partial of their altogether menu, in a nearby future, contend chefs, a trend will change towards superspecialised restaurants. For instance, all on a menu of Mumbai’s Sequel, a cafeteria in Bandra, is gluten-free. In Delhi’s Shahpurjat Village, Greenr Store and Cafe promises a menu that promotes “vegetarianism and veganism”. Greenr, they claim, was started with a primary concentration of endorsing “sustainable living” and creation it “accessible and excusable to an assembly organisation that is fervent to welcome it”. The grill offers a far-reaching operation of delicatessen and condiments that embody tender and organic juices,
natural gelatos, organic coffee, and hand-crafted organic chocolates.

Located in GK-I, Delhi, Getafix too promises a “guilt-free indulgence”. They offer dishes that are customarily deliberate comfort foods, such as pizza and burgers, in healthful options. “At Getafix, we have managed to keep a food tasty, healthy and cost effective. A lot of immature professionals live divided from home, eating out roughly each day. Many of them now realize they need healthier options and that a burger or a pizza can be finished improved than what they would get during an opening of a chain. We will see a arise in a series of options for healthy food in a future,” explains Aanandita Chawla, co-owner of Getafix.

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