On The Daily: Pancheros takes a punch out of back-to-school blues

Pancheros will flog off a new propagandize year with a graduation directed during alleviation a highlight of classes. On Sept. 12 from 2-4 p.m. a grill will be charity one-dollar burritos for students to enjoy.

Rodney Anderson, boss of Pancheros Mexican Grill, pronounced a thought of a annual eventuality is to acquire students behind to propagandize and relieve stress.

“Every year, when University of Michigan students lapse to propagandize in a fall, we acquire them behind to campus with $1 burritos during a Ann Arbor location,” Anderson said. “We know going behind to propagandize can be romantic and challenging, so what’s improved than a dollar burrito to palliate that transition?”

Business sophomore James Bargmann pronounced he was vehement for a event.

“Let me put it this way: if we had to eat one food any day for a rest of my life, it would be a burrito,” Bargmann said. “I am formulation to go to Pancheros One Dollar Burrito Day.”

In further to burritos, Pancheros sell will also be accessible in respect of both Dollar Burrito Day and a brand’s 25th anniversary. T-shirts, sunglasses, keychains and bottle openers will all be available.

LSA sophomore Annalise Guitar thinks inexpensive burritos could boost tyro morale.

“I consider it will given food is good romantic support, and we’re all poor, so we consider it’s a good idea,” Guitar said. “On a scale of one to ten, I’d really give burritos an eight.”

Dollar Burrito Day has been a strike given a grill non-stop in Aug 1994. According to Anderson, any year brings a fusillade of students and a line out of a door.

“We unequivocally conclude a support we’ve perceived from a Ann Arbor village over a final 23 years,” Anderson said. “This annual Dollar Burrito Day is a fun approach to flog off another educational year with a Wolverines – both returning students and those that are new to campus.”

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