On a Burger Trail: Major Goolsby’s cheeseburger during Summerfest

Published Jun 30, 2017 during 11:01 a.m.

In this series, we’ll be hiking a burger route to find a latest, biggest and many tasty burgers in Milwaukee. Click here for an reason of a criteria used to rate any burger. Where have we been? Check out a complete catalog of burger reviews here.

Major Goolsby’s
340 W. Kilbourn Ave.
(414) 271-3414

We’re in a throes of Summerfest. So, it usually seemed right to take discerning left on a Burger Trail to revisit during slightest one of a vendors during a Big Gig. And it seemed right to concentration on one who’s been partial of a Fest for some-more years than we can count.

If we live in Milwaukee, you’ve expected been to Major Goolsby’s. After all, interjection to their plcae nearby a UW Milwaukee Panther Arena, a Milwaukee Theater, a Wisconsin Center and a Bradley Center, a sports bar has turn a unchanging entertainment place for folks before and after sporting events and concerts. In fact, Major Goolsby’s has been a tie during a plcae on Kilbourn Avenue for over 45 years.

Over those 4 decades, they’ve built a repute for quick, fit service, a accessible atmosphere and yes, for a flame-broiled burgers.

So, we paid them a revisit during their counter on a Summerfest drift to see, perhaps, if that burger-based repute carried over onto a Henry Maier Festival Grounds. Our order: a Major Cheeseburger, that comes with dual flame-broiled patties and dual slices of American cheese ($10.50).

Presentation: 5

It’s Summerfest, so we’re not articulate high-end dining, so it’s tough to wharf anyone too much. When we measure presentation, we tend to start during “5,” adding points for utterly good presentation, and subtracting points if things seem weakly slapped together or are unwieldy. In this case, a Major Cheeseburger comes wrapped in paper. Not accurately beautiful, yet it was served adult prohibited and intact. And, once removed, it still looked flattering appetizing; so, no harm, no foul. Plus, if you’re longing a burger (as we was) there’s a bit of fun in opening a coupling and experiencing a aroma of a flame-broiled burger wafting adult from a package.

Bread/bun: 8

At initial glance, we didn’t consider most of a bun. Sure, it was beautiful. It’s tip was browned and silken (and not from burger grease). And a hardness was soothing and supple. But, it unequivocally valid to be one of a stars of a show. It combined good flavor, though being overwhelming. And it stood adult to a burger from a initial to final bite.

Burger: 5

The Major is a double burger, with a patties weighing in during about ½-pound all told, so there’s copiousness of meat. The grub itself is a bit troublesome. we found utterly a bit of gristle as we was navigating by a burger. However, a patties have a good grilled season and a edges were crisp, giving a burger itself a bit of texture. As my dining messenger put it: “This is one cheap, cheap burger.” And maybe that’s one approach of looking during it, yet a “cheap” partial competence be debatable.

Toppings: 5

When it comes to toppings, there is cheese. And on that front, there was only adequate to give a burger that sip of umami season it needed. we did strech for a condiments, adding ketchup and brownish-red mustard, that was a good choice. The burger indispensable a bit of a vinegar flog to cut by a brilliance of a cheese and a hazed season of a burger.

Value: 5

I could wharf this burger for being spendy. $10.50 gets we a burger, and that’s it. You’ll compensate additional for fries (I didn’t) and anything else you’d like to add. Not accurately a good deal, yet Summerfest food is famous for being spendy. And this burger was large and stuffing adequate that it didn’t need most supplementation. So, we’ll only call it even.

Total: 28/50

Craving a burger? Love a skinny patty with a bit of that signature char-grilled flavor? Then Major Goolsby’s is a good bet, even during Summerfest. Pair it with a good qualification decoction for a full experience.

Major Goolsby’s is open via Summerfest during a counter nearby a Harley Davidson Roadhouse. The section and trebuchet plcae is open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to close.

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