On a Burger Trail: Cheeseburger during Dr. Dawg

Published Nov. 20, 2017 during 11:03 a.m.

In this series, we’ll be hiking a burger route to find a latest, biggest and many tasty burgers in Milwaukee. Click here for an reason of a criteria used to rate any burger. Where have we been? Check out a complete catalog of burger reviews here.

Dr. Dawg
6969 N. Port Washington Rd.
(414) 540-0400

It was a stormy afternoon when we gathering adult to Glendale to check out a burger during Dr. Dawg. And if any of we are giving me oblique glances for awaiting a Chicago-style prohibited dog corner to offer adult a good burger, you’d be even some-more astounded by how many people endorsed a burger as a must-try.

I don’t censure those who scoff. After all, Dr. Dawg is a fast-casual corner located in an typical frame mall that’s also home to a Stone Creek Coffee, Samurai grill and Pick ‘n Save.

Like many other restaurants of a genre, it offers opposite use in a no frills atmosphere that’s embellished out in a tone intrigue that includes black booths, wooden tables, red seated chairs and red walls with an open kitchen behind a grouping counter. On a visit, a dining area was filled with a brew of folks from singular guys chowing down on dogs to families interlude by for a discerning lunch.

Burgers, accessible in one-third and two-third bruise (double burger) options are build-your own, with a infancy of toppings accessible for no charge, including lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayo, ketchup, mustard and dill pickles. Nueske’s bacon is a $1.50 upcharge. Cheese is $1. And you’ll compensate $0.50 for caramelized onions and $0.75 for sauteed mushrooms.

I got a one-third pounder with a works, and American cheese ($8.99) with a splash and side of a hand-cut rosemary garlic fries for an additional $4.89.

Presentation: 8

Burgers come in paper boats on a red portion tray. But there’s no image indispensable to make this burger demeanour good. In fact, cave came out flattering as a picture, sporting uninformed frilly greens, melted cheese and a good glossy bun. In fact, if we didn’t know better, I’d never have suspected it came from a quick food slinging prohibited dog shop.

Bread/bun: 8

The bun is sweet, proposal and soothing (as brioche ought to be). And it stays out of a approach of a estimable burger, that is really a star of a show.

Burger: 9

Dr. Dawg boasts a use of USDA primary approved black angus beef that’s uninformed and never frozen. And that could be pivotal to their estimable burger, that scores flattering high on my list for a fast-food patty. The burger itself is baked to order; and it came out of a kitchen middle rare, as systematic (a outrageous plus, given it seems cooking a burger to sequence is an increasingly mislaid art). The beef was softly flavored and not quite seasoned. But, it was juicy, irregularly and loosely hand-packed, with a grilled season that complemented a beefiness.

Toppings: 8

Toppings were likewise peculiarity driven. The cheese was easily melted and offering additional salt and umami that was blank in a seasonings for a burger. And a lettuce and onion were crisp, adding both season and hardness to a mix. Condiments were balanced; there was adequate of any to supplement flavor, though not so many that ketchup or mayo was oozing out with each bite. Pickles came in thick slices, that also combined a good vinegary punch.

Value: 9

At 8.99, this was a well-priced burger for what we get. You’d compensate a identical cost during many bars for a likewise assembled burger. And it gets large points for being good prepared and surfaced with mixture that didn’t seem like an after-thought.

Total: 42/50

Dr. Dawg’s burger is explanation that good burgers can mostly be found in astonishing places.

Dr. Dawg is open Monday by Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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