Ole Miss Grads Serving Delicious Lunches in Oxford

Chris and Blake Hill during The HoneyBaked Ham plcae in Oxford.

Chris and Blake Hill will shortly be celebrating their one year anniversary with
Honeybaked Ham here in Oxford located during 204 Merchants Drive. In further to charity mouth-watering lunches and dinners, catering is also an constituent partial of their operation. HottyToddy.com visited with Chris recently between meals.

HottyToddy.com: Chris, it’s smashing to see alums like we and Blake returning to Oxford to open a business such as Honeybaked Ham.

Chris: we was looking to open adult a business and we suspicion a HoneyBaked Ham would be a good fit for Oxford. We spent so most time in Oxford attending sporting events, selling and assembly adult with friends it was an easy pierce for us.

HottyToddy.com: Your lunch sandwiches have turn a heading of “quality” generally a ham and turkey.

Chris: The ham and turkey we use for a sandwiches is a same reward ham and turkey we sell in whole units. HoneyBaked Ham is a world’s best ham and a roasted and smoked turkey breasts are also of a top quality.

HottyToddy.com: How are a hams prepared and is it loyal we do all a “glazing” in store?

Chris: All of a hams are delayed smoked for adult to 24 hours, turn sliced, and afterwards we palm glitter them with a special spices in a behind of a store. The honeyed glitter is a ideal enrich to a hazed season of a ham.

HottyToddy.com: With schedules so flighty in this society, it’s lovely that we offer lunch anytime from 10-6 daily and 11-3 on weekends.

Chris: Yes, Lunch is accessible during those times and done uninformed each day.

HottyToddy.com: We haven’t discussed how reasonable your pricing is?

Chris: Our sandwich prices operation from $5.99 adult to $6.99 and all of them are flattering filling.

HottyToddy.com: Catering provides a series of opposite options for a consumer. Could we report a several tray selections?

Chris: Our Signature Meat Tray is a tradition beef tray with your choice of a ham, smoked turkey, roasted turkey and fry beef. The Supreme Sandwich Tray allows we to name from an collection of a sandwiches, cut in halves and includes chips. The Sandwich Builder Buffet starts with a Signature Meat Tray though adds Swiss and cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato and an collection of a breads. The VIP Buffet is a Sandwich Builder Buffet though adds a choice of dual uninformed deli sides and a tray of cookies for dessert.

HottyToddy.com: For internal companies anticipating to support a lunch meeting, your boxed lunches are an glorious choice.

Chris: we mostly suggest a boxed lunches for lunch meetings. The Boxed Lunches come with a sandwich, chips, plight stalk and a cookie. If we are pulpy for time, it’s a good choice to concede we to continue your assembly with minimal interruption.

HottyToddy.com: It’s also good to know that we broach your catering orders via a city.

Chris: Yes, we will broach a catering orders within a Oxford city boundary for a $10 smoothness fee.

HottyToddy.com: Another extensive underline of HoneyBaked Ham is a ability to name a solidified side along with dessert from your arrangement case. This has to be renouned for those wanting an dusk giveaway from cooking.

Chris: At HoneyBaked Ham, we can take caring of your whole meal. We are famous for a ham and turkey though we also have a tasty pot fry with brownish-red gravy, BBQ pig roast, and sides such as broccoli rice casserole, au gratin potatoes, honeyed potato soufflé, and desserts like cheesecake, coffee cake, rum cake, pecan cake and apple caramel walnut pie. we would like to supplement that a hams and turkeys come in a accumulation of sizes that will offer an anywhere from a integrate of people or adult to twenty or more. Just come by and let a staff assistance we with your planning.

Steve VassalloSteve Vassallo is a HottyToddy.com contributor. Steve writes on Ole Miss athletics, Oxford businesses and people, politics and other subjects. He is an Ole Miss grad and former radio announcer for a basketball team. Currently, Steve is a rarely successful personality in a genuine estate business who lives in Oxford with his mother Rosie. You can hit Steve during sovassallo@gmail.com or call him during 985-852-7745.

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