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Manafort jury asks decider to conclude ‘reasonable doubt’

Peter Doocy reports on a jury’s questions for a decider as a hearing enters day 2 of deliberations.

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We don’t wish to alarm you, yet Labor Day is in 17 days. Now take a low exhale and go get some some-more honeyed corn… As we wait for a H2O to boil, how about some pre-weekend domestic nuggets for an appetizer?

– Much of a overheated research a hearing of Paul Manafort on taxation semblance and crime charges has centered on what a intensity outcome could meant for a incomparable efforts of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s examine into other Russia-linked skullduggery in American politics. If jurors were to justify President Trump’s former debate management on all 18 depends it would positively be a reversal for Mueller and would give a boss another articulate point. But a integrate of things to remember: The boss can spin out articulate points like Dunkin’ does donuts so whatever happens, he’ll call it a win. And second, Manafort is confronting potentially even some-more critical hazard in his other federal rapist trial set to start subsequent month in a District of Columbia. We contend it so mostly that we suspect we are good and truly sleepy of it, yet here we go again: Rushing to judgements in matters like a Mueller examine is quite a bad idea. Let a matter play out and do your best to be fair-minded, doubtful and studious in a meantime.

 We had to giggle during word that jurors asked to be immune early on Friday from their deliberations given one juror had a prior engagement. We remember covering trials with judges like Jim Stuckey and Irene Berger back in Kanawha County, W. Va. where such a ask in a high-profile hearing would have guaranteed a jury a one-way sheet to confiscation for a weekend eating inexpensive pizza in a motel room. Sheesh.

– As he left for a weekend, a boss seemed flattering gratified with what he hath wrought with his pierce to devaluate a confidence clearway of former CIA Director John Brennan. And it really hits a lot of good annals for Trump, given it 1) stokes narrow-minded enmity, 2) causes peculiar contortions in his detractors and 3) gives him a mystic approach to hit during a review into his campaign. The doubt now is either this will be like other such Trump gambits, like his luckless elect to infer right his explain that he indeed won a renouned vote. On those jobs, Trump does some follow adult trolling yet fundamentally lets a matter drop. The blowback he’s gotten from critical people in a comprehension village would mount as a clever counsel opposite serve moves. One would suspect that a stream CIA executive and others would strengthen a thought that serve domestic gamesmanship on inhabitant confidence is unwelcome.

– Speaking of executive inspirations that lead to executive hangovers, Trump’s many ballyhooed troops march in Washington is going to be deferred until during slightest subsequent year citing cost overruns. If a Pentagon keeps kicking a can on this, they will flog it too tighten to 2020, by that indicate it would be a $90 million re-election debate kickoff. The whole business is flattering cringey whenever they competence do it given there’s no pretended forgive other than giving a boss a possibility to excellence in martial might. But doing so reduction than a year from re-election would be a large no-no. 

– A source pronounced to be tighten to Trump told the chosen finish for White House whispers, Axios, that Trump’s augmenting use of executive management isn’t shocking given he’s not prone “to do anything that erodes subdivision of powers — during least, zero that exceeds a chronological rate during that executive energy has expanded.” Talk about defining deviancy down for a majestic presidency! That would be like a fat male observant that he won’t eat anything to means him to benefit weight – during slightest zero to benefit weight faster than a busload of Weight Watchers refugees during a smorgasbord. If executive energy continues to grow during a same gait it has given a 1930s, a legislative bend will be a criticism box during a finish of a White House drive before too long. 
– Race watchers contend many about a lane annals of endorsers. Rep. Suzy Creamcheese, D-Pa., mislaid her primary so that contingency meant that her backer, Sen. Joe Madadatz, shows reduction poke for 2020 and so forth. And there’s value in that, to be sure. Plus, possibilities can relieve their possess collateral by subsidy losers. Just demeanour during where a stream boss has and hasn’t endorsed in new months. But don’t forget a genuine functions of endorsements for a endorsers. First, it can have certain poke connotations when right. It also builds a network of allies opposite a country. But maybe many of all, endorsements send absolute messages to romantic voters. It can pronounce distant louder than difference in revelation intensity supporters who we meant to be. To that end, we give you. Sen. Kamala Harris and her collect of Deidre DeJear for Iowa secretary of state. DeJear is African-American, like Harris, yes, yet she’s also a immature businesswoman. It’s a collect that reinforces Harris’ code yet also broadens it.  

– Do we remember that time Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to a Supreme Court? Yeah, the Nats fan. Anywho…  While you’ve been examination all of a n-word accusing, clearway stripping, march cancelling, ostrich coupler photographing, American mass denying falderal Kavanaugh’s renouned support has softened markedly. The latest poll from Quinnipiac University shows support for Kavanaugh’s assignment adult 4 points from final month. Some of this is to be approaching as Republicans grow some-more informed with a nominee’s name, yet it is positively justification that a Democratic bid to paint him as some impassioned choice hasn’t drawn many H2O so far. We’ve pronounced before and contend again: The vital plea for Democrats will be anticipating a approach to stand down from antithesis that conjunction jeopardizes red-state senators nor a ambitions of 2020 aspirants sitting in a Senate now. In baseball, they call it an conscious walk…

“A clever clarity of a value and blessings of kinship prompted a people, during a really early period, to hospital a sovereign supervision to safety and continue it.” – John Jay, Federalist No. 2

Smithsonian: “Armed with a latest record of a day and observations finished by other Western astrophysicists, [Pierre Jules César Janssen] was dynamic to examine open a secrets of a galaxy. On Aug 18, 1868, Janssen managed to do customarily that. He became a initial authority to observe helium, an component never before seen on Earth, in a solar spectrum. At a time, though, Janssen didn’t know what he’d seen—just that it was something new. The mid-1800s was an sparkling time to counterpart during a heavens. A new instrument called a spectroscope was upending a margin of astronomy. Similar in pattern to a telescope, a spectroscope worked like a super-powered prism, dispersing light into quantifiable wavelengths. An early indication had authorised physicist Joseph Fraunhofer to observe a object in a early 1800s, yet he was undetermined by black lines interrupting a normal colors. These black lines were named for Fraunhofer, even yet he didn’t know what they were. That believe would come several decades later, with German researchers Gustav Kirchhoff and Robert Bunsen.”

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Trump pursuit performance 
Average approval:
 41.2 percent
Average disapproval: 52.8 percent
Net Score: -11.6 points
Change from one week ago: up 0.2 points
[Average includes: CNN: 44% approve – 53% disapprove; Quinnipiac University: 41% approve – 54% disapprove; Gallup: 39% approve – 56% disapprove; IBD: 41% approve – 50% disapprove; NPR/PBS/Marist: 41% approve – 51% disapprove.]

Control of House
Republican average:
 41.4 percent
Democratic average: 48.2 percent
Advantage: Democrats and 6.8 points
Change from one week ago: Democratic advantage adult 0.2 points
[Average includes: CNN: 52% Dems – 41% GOP; Quinnipiac University: 51% Dems – 42% GOP; Pew Research Center: 46% Dems – 39% GOP; IBD: 45% Dems – 45% GOP; NPR/PBS/Marist: 47% Dems – 40% GOP.]

Roll Call: “The management of a centrist New Democrat Coalition wouldn’t contend Friday either he would back Nancy Pelosi for House Democratic personality yet he did intone an emanate with a stream caring team. ‘The fact that a tip 3 leaders are in their late 70s — we don’t caring who those leaders are — that is in fact a problem,’ Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes told CNN. Pelosi, 78, has pronounced she skeleton to run for orator again if Democrats win a infancy in November. House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer, 79, and Assistant Democratic Leader James E. Clyburn, 78, are meddlesome in using for orator should Pelosi destroy to get a votes. Himes, 52, who chairs a 68-member New Democrat Coalition, declined to contend either he’d support Pelosi for speaker. … Still, Himes remarkable that Pelosi has a strength that new Republican speakers, including Paul D. Ryan and John A. Boehner, have not demonstrated — an ability to keep her association together and pass vital legislation such as a 2010 health caring law.”

Meet a ‘Trump Democrat’ who is changing a diversion – Fox News: “A Democrat seeking a U.S. House chair in deep-red West Virginia bills himself as a ‘Trump Democrat’ — even yet he has claimed a boss ‘hasn’t finished s—,’ backs a pathway to citizenship for bootleg immigrants and opposes a limit wall. Richard Ojeda, an Army maestro and state senator who’s been branded as a ‘JFK with tattoos and a dais press,’ primarily prisoner courtesy after divulgence that he voted for Trump in a 2016 presidential election. He’s now using opposite Republican Carol Miller in West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District, that President Trump won by scarcely 50 points in a 2016 presidential election. Yet a check from Jun indicates that Ojeda’s summary of populism – including support for a spark attention and hopes of observant Trump attain as a boss – has resonated with intensity voters, putting him in a 6-point lead opposite Miller.”

Nevada House competition a prohibited one – Roll Call: “Republicans are mostly on invulnerability this cycle, yet a new GOP check shows they have a intensity pickup event in Nevada’s 4th District. Two former lawmakers are confronting off for a open chair in suburban Las Vegas: Democrat Steven Horsford and Republican Cresent Hardy. The inner check for a Hardy debate and a National Republican Congressional Committee showed Horsford and Hardy in a passed heat. Both possibilities were tied during 41 percent, with 17 percent of those surveyed undecided, according to a polling memo supposing initial to Roll Call. The check customarily tested Hardy and Horsford, and not any of a 4 third- or no-party possibilities who will be on a Nov ballot. Horsford won a newly combined chair in 2012, yet was unseated by Hardy dual years later. Hardy, in turn, also customarily served a tenure before losing in 2016 to Democrat Ruben Kihuen, who is timid amid passionate nuisance allegations.”

Barr goes on conflict as before protected chair threatened – 
NYT: “[Andy Barr] finds himself in one of a country’s many rival midterm races opposite a first-time candidate, Amy McGrath, a Democrat and a former Marine fight flier whose life story finished an benefaction tie with voters. That has remade a competition into a tossup in a district that Mr. Barr won by 22 commission points customarily dual years ago. The obligatory is, by many measures, a good fit for a state’s Sixth Congressional District, relocating seamlessly among a nation bar and equine attention chosen in Lexington and in a some-more farming areas that strech Appalachia. ‘The hallmark of my illustration is accessibility,’ pronounced Mr. Barr, 45. But a dim tones that promotion in a Lexington media marketplace took on final week demonstrate to a opposite kind of debate brewing. The ads are identical to ones Republicans have used around a United States, perplexing to paint Ms. McGrath, 43, as ‘too liberal’ for a district and a apparatus of Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, a House Democratic leader. Mr. Barr’s ad also shows Ms. McGrath pursuit herself a ‘feminist’ and observant that she voted for President Barack Obama.”

California GOP gubernatorial hopeful Cox clarifies: Waiting in line during a DMV is not worse than a Holocaust – KXJC

Michigan House Democrat apologizes for extremist slurs opposite rival – Detroit Metro Times

Je t’aime mon Quebecois! N.Y. GOP buys train sheet to Montreal for Cuomo – CBS News

Trump staid to supplement new restrictions on Medicaid – Politico

“We have a same series of super play championships as you.” – Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., responding to Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn. Klobuchar attempted to ridicule South Dakota for not carrying an NFL team.


This weekend, Mr. Sunday will lay down with Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., late Admiral Mike Mullen and White House Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney. Watch “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.” Check internal listings for promote times in your area.  
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“I customarily do not know how this works and how we come adult with these numbers. we find your formula really demoralizing. Why do we wish President Trump to demeanour bad? Everyone we know loves President Trump and likes what he is doing.  He is a best boss this nation has had in my lifetime. we am 72 and have a really good and prolonged memory. Please transparent this adult for me. PS. we adore observant what we have to contend when we are on Fox.” – Esther Keleman Walsh, Saint Johns, Fla.

[Ed. note: We positively do not wish to unnerve we or anyone else, Ms. Walsh! And vital in such a pleasing dilemma of Florida as we do, we would suspect demoralization would be tough to come by. But a pursuit here is to tell it like it is, or during slightest as we see it, though fear or favor. This is going to be a severe year for Republicans and it will take something on a sequence of a spectacle for them to save a House. The Senate looks some-more earnest for your team, yet altogether a GOP is in a parsimonious spot. Parties that have one control in Washington customarily face headwinds, and this year it’s moulding adult to be utterly a gale. The same boss who evokes such low love from we and your friends evokes equally low opposition from others. It’s a rarely flamable atmosphere. But we guarantee that whatever happens, we will essay to be clear-eyed and only in a telling.]  

“I’m certain we are aware, yet maybe not everybody is, that John Jay was creation anxiety to Brutus speaking to Cassius from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Act 4 [Federalist 64 from Wednesday’s note]. The full quote is: ‘There is a waves in a affairs of men. Which, taken during a flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all a excursion of their life, Is firm in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat, And we contingency take a stream when it serves, Or remove a ventures.’ Brutus is propelling Cassius to attack Octavian now while their army are strong, before Octavian can build adult his forces. They waited and eventually mislaid to Octavian. Both Brutus and Cassius after committed suicide. It’s always been one of my favorite Shakespeare quotes. I’m certain there is a indicate to be taken here – I’m customarily not certain what it is.” – Pat Conroy, West Lake Hills, Texas

[Ed. note: Good show, Mr. Conroy! Maybe it’s what Geoffrey Chaucer reminded us prolonged before Shakespeare’s day: “Time and waves wait for no man.”]

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FOX59: “A ‘beloved’ taxidermy fox stolen from a renouned grill in downtown Indianapolis has been returned. Thursday, St. Elmo Steak House tweeted that Winston a fox arrived alone in a backseat of an Uber, ‘safe and sound!’ Earlier in a night, a grill pronounced a fox was taken from a 1933 Lounge final Friday night. The grill posted notice footage that shows a perpetrators nabbing a fox. The grill even offering a $250 benefaction label to anyone who supposing information that led to a protected lapse of a ‘beloved friend.’ The grill pronounced if a perpetrators brought him behind unharmed, no tough feelings, they would applaud his lapse with a turn of drinks on a house. Along with notice video, St. Elmo also jokingly edited a print of Winston onto a bottle of a sauce, observant it was ‘actively evaluating all tactics’ to support in his protected return.”

“To be doing each day what we suffer doing is rare. Rarer still is to be doing what we were meant to do, quite if we got there by perfect serendipity. Until nearby 30, I’d entirely approaching to spend my life as a doctor. My benefaction life was never designed or even imagined.” – Charles Krauthammer writing in a National Review, Dec 18, 2009.  

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