Norseland General Manager of Marketing Debbie Seife Talks New Jarlsberg ® Cheese Snacks

With direct for finished food on a rise, some-more attention companies are exploring innovative ways to daub in on a consumer gusto for peculiarity convenience. This concentration on heightened sales and expenditure has spurred Jarlsberg® Cheese, and a distributor Norseland, Inc., to offer an innovative new product on a shelf; Jarlsberg® Cheese Snacks.

As Debbie Seife, General Manager of Marketing during Norseland, recently told me, a association is rising off of this burgeoning snacking trend into a unstable break certain to leave an impression.

Debbie Seife, General Manager of Marketing, Norseland

“The bomb expansion of a snacks shred is still flourishing in a thespian way,” Debbie tells me. “Snacks already comment for a vast percent of U.S. finished food sales, with some-more expansion projected.”

These shifts in shopping behavior, Debbie says, are due to a new American lifestyle of eating–one that focuses on immoderate some-more and smaller amounts of food during a day, instead of a normal 3 meals-a-day structure. Millennials are also proof to eat some-more snacks than prior generations, ensuing in a cultivation of new and ready-to-eat products such as a Cheese Snacks line.

“Jarlsberg® Cheese fans can now season a tasty ambience of Jarlsberg® Cheese in this pleasant and unstable snack. Jarslberg® Cheese Snacks exaggerate a mild, mellow, and eccentric flavor, responding consumer direct for a convenient, wholesome, and tasty snacking item,” Debbie continues, saying that Jarlsberg® also has a Good Housekeeping Nutritionist Approved Emblem to strengthen a company’s health-conscious mission.

Naturally gluten and lactose-free, a snacks exaggerate a flexibility that allows it to find a approach into even some-more consumer baskets. Each ¾ oz Cheese Snack contains 5 grams of protein, and is apportionment tranquil with usually 70 calories. Jarlsberg® Cheese Snacks come in 6 oz packages of away wrapped cheese sticks, with a SRP $5.99-$6.99.

To serve a buy-side participation of a new offering, Jarlsberg® is charity POS promos via a year, an in-store dangler, and now redeemable IRC coupons, in further to a larger amicable media focus to rivet online consumers.

So, what else is in store for a Jarlsberg® and Norseland? Jarlsberg® is also ramping adult a offerings of Cheese Fusions and Cheese Fondue to yield large flavors in available applications. As we previously reported, Norseland has also recently partnered with Parmareggio® to strengthen a code within a marketplace.

With some-more innovations certain to come from Norseland and Jarlsberg®, keep adult with Deli Market News for all a latest.

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