No End In Sight For a Unicorn Cat Trend As Kellogg’s Releases "Caticorn" Edible Glitter Cereal

As a famous children’s story combined by Tarō Gomi explains in a many honest truth, Everyone Poops. But, do they poop glitter!? This month, a Walmart owned US formed membership retailer, Sam’s Club, motionless they were going to give people that singular option.

Photo: Kellogg’s / Sam’s Club

Yes, we review that right. The “meow-gical” and fugitive cat-unicorn. Because what else could presumably make a darling cats and kittens of a internet some-more irresistible? Being half unicorn apparently does a trick. 

Kellogg’s describes a new cereal as “a fun, quirky, and delicious cereal installed with a honeyed ambience of churned berries”. What creates it opposite than a other many…many…fruity cereals that line a shelves? These fruity pinkish loops have succulent shine in them! 

Photo: Kellogg’s / Sam’s Club

Which is apparently where shine comes from–rainbow, cat-unicorn hybrids; duh. 

Well labelled caticorns too! Sam’s Club is offered a 2-pack for only underneath $6.00. The singular run goes until a finish of Apr for those of we drooling.

Photo: Kellogg’s / Sam’s Club

It’s not a initial time marketers have cashed in on a unicorn trend over a years. 

As a small lady in a early 80’s, one of my personal favorite toys were a My Little Pony’s. Who didn’t adore a unicorn ponies!? 

Unicorn Ponies any possess a singular enchanting ability, in further to a energy to teleport by ‘winking in and out’ —

Photo: My Little Pony – Unicorn Pony; Moonstone

There were a few ups and down’s during these unicorn-popularity booms yet a decades. The fabulous Unicorn Ponies and their hack friends were relaunched by fondle association Hasbro, 4 times!

With their 2010 reboot, “bronies” were introduced to a world.


Bronies are best explained in an article combined by in 2014. If you’re REALLY intrigued by these bronies, check out their 2013 Netflix documentary, Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony

These adult group call themselves Bronies. And they’re not what we think. They’re not overly effeminate. Many aren’t gay. They aren’t predatory, or even being ironic. They are only guys. Dudes. Dudes who like My Little Pony.

The renouned charcterised array on Fox, Bob’s Burgers, also gave a curtsy to a “Bronies” of a world. 

Photo: Fox / Bob’s Burgers S4, Ep17: “The Equestranauts”

In a summer of 2017, there was an online competition hold for a many extraordinary Cheetos shapes. Not surprising, a leader was a Unicorn! The break square now resides in a Cheetos Museum and is value $50,000. 


This time, a zodiacally supposed unicorn-addiction– regardless of age or gender–allowed a trend to stick. 

It stranded like shine to…well, to everything.

Now there is even a National Unicorn Day! It’s Apr 9th this year in box we indispensable to devise what to wear that day. I’m certain we won’t have any issues anticipating unicorn desirous goodies for a day’s celebrations!

Photo pleasantness of Sophie Poole, Owner @redrobincakery ~ Unicorn cupcakes

April 19-23, 2017 Starbucks expelled a singular edition “Unicorn Frappuccino”. Here’s how they report a drink.

Magical flavors start off honeyed and fruity transforming to agreeably sour. Swirl it to exhibit a color-changing philharmonic of purple and pink. It’s finished with churned cream-sprinkled pinkish and blue angel powders.

Photo: Starbucks

Last year, found that a “flavor of unicorn” is clearly directed during those with a honeyed tooth.

The magically-marketed quadruped was everywhere. Sugary cereals and breakfasts, break cakes, ice cream and even soda were labeled with rainbows and sparkles.

Sam’s Club combined a outrageous 3-tier unicorn cake that would feed approximately 66 people for only $69.98! And afterwards they expelled a Christmas chronicle of a rarely sought after steed. 

Photo: Sam’s Club

So now with these fantastical and colorful creatures apropos so “mainstream”, one has to consternation if a cats were apropos a bit jealous? 

Are we drawn to a mystique of a unicorn as that unattainable quadruped that eludes us all? Or purrhaps, unicorns remind of us a felines and a force that will never hook to a will? With each tone of a rainbow represented in a unicorn, do we not all see something we love?

As a clearly higher species, cats assimilated army with a unicorn, cementing their power over us all. Thank we internet.

It was those damn crafty cereal executives that joined a purrfect multiple of suggestion animal and “glittery gullet” though. 

I’m a large fan of all those things individually–cats, unicorns, glitter, rainbows and cereal. Heck, even pre-coffee I’d be fine with ANY of those in my face. Mixed together yet might be something else. You know, I’m unequivocally perplexing to extent my daily shine intake.

I’d substantially get dreaming with a sparkles and like my momma said, “don’t play with your food!

Photo skill of Cole and Marmalade

Here’s what we can guarantee we we also won’t be doing though. 

This is a new “unicorn” trend for 2019–Unicorn Armpit Hair. Just going to leave this right here and behind divided slowly…


Wait! One some-more gem…you are welcome.


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