New Lakeview Deli Taste of New York to Fly Bagels to Chicago

A family-owned New York bagel mark and deli is entrance shortly to Lakeview, and a owners is drifting a things true from a Big Apple. Taste of New York Bagels Deli is slated to open after in Jun during 3268 N. Clark Street. Owner Sam Asous pronounced there’s no central opening date nonetheless though he will announce a grand opening in a entrance weeks. The space before housed video diversion store People Play Games, that sealed in 2018.

Lakeview’s Taste of New York outpost will underline bagels that are boiled and standard baked in New York City and flown into a Chicago location, where they will be baked uninformed daily. The bagels will be kept during really low temperatures while in movement to Chicago to safety quality, according to Asous.

Crispy outsides and soft, chewy centers impersonate New York-style bagels, as against to Montreal-style bagels that are famous for their smaller size, unenlightened texture, and somewhat honeyed flavor. Both styles are boiled before baking, a routine that creates a glossy exterior, and New Yorkers have prolonged insisted that aloft levels of magnesium and calcium in a city’s H2O supply sets their bagels apart.

A local New Yorker, Asous came to Chicago 3 years ago to finish his medical studies as a medicine and fell in adore with a “outstanding diversity” of Chicago’s food industry, he wrote in an email. Though he enjoys a bagels he tries in Chicago, he still feels a best bagels come from his hometown. Asous’s family initial non-stop a business, afterwards famous as Westway Food, in 1980 on a Upper West Side of Manhattan where they operated for 34 years. The family now runs dual bagel shops in Brooklyn, in serve to a stirring Chicago location.

Once open, a emporium will offer rainbow bagels in respect of Pride, as good as discounts for Cubs fans after each win during circuitously Wrigley Field, Asous said. Rainbow bagels became an overnight sensation in 2016 when a Business Insider video of the Bagel Store’s rainbow bagels in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, went viral on Facebook.

Asous isn’t nonetheless prepared to exhibit serve sum about a menu or a space. “I am not means to go in abyss with we on all of a sum of the business as of yet,” he wrote in an email. Stay tuned for some-more information and news of Taste of New York Bagels Deli’s opening.

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