New Häagen-Dazs Green Tea Fondue Crispy Sandwich is comprehensive sky for matcha lovers!

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The new dessert uses never-before-seen matcha components to applaud 20 years of immature tea ice cream in Japan.

It’s been 20 years since Häagen-Dazs Japan introduced their renouned immature tea ice creams to a internal marketplace and to applaud they’re bringing out a code new accumulation for a singular time in a form of a abounding and decadent matcha fondue sandwich.

Matcha Fondue1

There’s been a lot of hype about a new product in Japan, where fondues are improved famous as cheese or chocolate flavoured dipping broths. While there’s a famous teahouse in Kyoto that draws a outrageous throng with its surprising eat-in matcha fondue sets, this is ostensible to be a initial time for a immature fondue to be sandwiched between dual wafers in a form of a solidified dessert.

Matcha Fondue3

▼ Upon opening a package, a honeyed looks beautiful with an enticing immature hue.

Matcha Fondue4

According to a company, this is a initial immature tea wafer they’ve ever produced. While they’ve expelled a immature tea sandwich in a past, a essence was cramped to a ice cream stuffing with plain vanilla wafers.

Matcha Fondue5

▼ It seemed roughly too flattering to penetrate a teeth into, so we gave a honeyed sandwich a neat ratiocination to see what lay inside.

Matcha Fondue6

The colour was impossibly dense, holding all a guarantee of a full-bodied immature tea hit, while a little covering of white chocolate poked by during a bottom, suggesting a hint of benevolence lay in store.

Matcha Fondue12

Making a limited-edition dessert additional special, a wafers are indeed done from rice flour, instead of a common wheat flour, as it helps to raise a matcha essence and make a immature colour some-more vibrant.

Matcha Fondue9a

There’s also beauty in a construction, with a crispy matcha and white chocolate blended outdoor bombard assisting to keep a soothing ice cream encased inside, avoiding spills as a middle stuffing solemnly melts.

Matcha Fondue15

If we adore tough ice creams, you’ll wish to punch into these as shortly as they come out from a freezer. If we cite a softer hardness like us, however, a few mins spent admiring a honeyed creates it usually about prepared to eat, with a ice cream taking on a silky smooth texture identical to fondue.

Matcha Fondue13

Matcha Fondue18

Biting into this is like a thick and abounding blast of immature tea essence in your mouth. First, a matcha from a crispy wafer hits your tongue, fast followed by a honeyed break of a white-chocolate-blended immature tea casing, that afterwards all gets dripping adult in a oozing creaminess of a full-bodied matcha ice cream. The change between benevolence and sourness is impossibly impressive, culminating in a luxurious, creatively belligerent tea flavour. It’s comprehensive heaven!

Matcha Fondue24

▼ The new wafer also has a noticeable, clever tea flavour, adding a good aroma and soothing break to a sweet.

Matcha Fondue19

The deep, rich-coloured components here ambience as deliciously immature as they look. And while we don’t suggest it for a mess, if we let a dessert melt even further, you’ll get a loyal fondue experience. All it needs now is some skewered fruits like bananas and strawberries to soak up that thick liquid!

Matcha Fondue28

The tasty Green Tea Fondue Crispy Sandwich is usually accessible for a singular time so be certain to squeeze one during your internal Japanese supermarket or preference store before they’re left forever. Priced during 294 yen (US$2.91) each, these are so good we’ll be stocking adult on during slightest a dozen to keep us going by a rest of the summer!

Matcha Fondue16

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