New Book: Trump Likes to Lie in Bed With a Cheeseburger While Watching Three TVs

Donald Trump’s transition to a presidency was anything though smooth, as his initial month in bureau was characterized by unsuccessful or quarrelsome executive orders, outrageous protests, and an diseased mania with a throng distance during his inauguration. Now, an excerpt from Fire and Fury: Inside a Trump White House, a new book by Michael Wolff chronicling a initial few months of Trump’s term, reveals a transition to a tangible White House was equally rocky, as POTUS sparred with everybody from Secret Service to housekeeping.

According to Wolff, one of Trump’s initial orders of business was to implement dual additional TV screens in his bedroom. At a time, Melania was still vital in New York with their son Barron, so Trump was left alone in a room during night. Sometimes Trump would have a 6:30 p.m. assembly with former arch strategist Steve Bannon, though if not, “more to his liking, he was in bed by that time with a cheeseburger, examination his 3 screens and creation phone calls.”

That might sound like a good relaxing dusk for a normal person, though it’s not accurately a function one customarily looks for in a conduct of state. Especially when we cruise that, according to Wolff, these weren’t indispensably business phone calls Trump was making, though instead personal calls where he would ring adult his friends and protest about how everybody is out to get him. On one 26-minute-long call, Trump reportedly vented to a crony about CNN arch Jeffery Zucker and a barbarous piss dossier, and forcefully announced that Bannon, whom many were characterizing as a energy behind a bench during a time, had “zero” change over his decisions.

Wolff reports that Trump’s paranoid function didn’t stop there, however. Early in his stay during a White House, Trump got into an evidence with Secret Service who did not approve of POTUS’ ask to have a close commissioned on his bedroom door. He even yelled during some of a staff for picking his unwashed shirts adult off a building to rinse them, insisting, “If my shirt is on a floor, it’s since we wish it on a floor.” He also barred housekeeping from touching his toothbrush out of fear of being poisoned, a fear that Wolff also claims explains a president’s affinity for McDonald’s since “nobody knew he was entrance and a food was safely premade.”

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