New Applebee’s dollar cocktail for Feb is a Bahama Mama. Here’s what it tastes like

It’s one partial sorority-girl explosion, one partial boozy Starburst. A combine of a flowing Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino with dorm-room-quality rum.

Most of all, it’s reliably inexpensive splash to yield comfort in an capricious world.

The $1 Bahama Mama cocktail debuted Feb. 1 and will cost a sire anytime via Feb during participating Applebee’s locations. That $1 cost is no strings, that means no food sequence required, no spending minimum.

The grill sequence calls them “Dollarmamas.”

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For we doctrinaire Applebee’s eaters who contingency graze by all a dollar deals, a Dollarmamas were far, distant some-more fresh than December’s cocktail, the $1 Long Island Iced Tea (or “Lit,” as a sequence called them). we described that wickedness as tasting like Mountain Dew churned with ginger ale, Crystal Light and rocket fuel.

The Dollarmamas were nowhere nearby a same turn of rocket-fueled boozy, though they were so honeyed they harm to splash (really, my impertinence twinged during initial sip).

A classical chronicle of a Bahama Mama is a tropical, tiki-esque splash that combines rum, grenadine and a multiple of fruity juices.

Applebee’s serves a chronicle in a stout mop with a inexhaustible dip of ice with a outline of “made with white rum and flavors of orange, coconut, cherry, pineapple and lime.”

“Flavors” is a critical word of that sentence. (Notice a deficiency of any discuss of “juice.”)

Remember that ’80s-era suntan unguent with a noisy coconut smell? The coconut in a Dollarmama tasted accurately like how that smelled. If they handed me a mist bottle of Sun-In and a “Purple Rain” soundtrack with a drink, we would’ve been reliving a summer of 1985. Speaking of that, following a widen of sleet that has felt positively unconstrained even by Western Washington standards, all we have to contend is: Pass me that glass. Now.

The one-two punch of cherry and mango creates a splash go down oh-so-effortlessly and had everybody during my list job it “tropical Kool-Aid.”

As one of my colleagues put it, “It tastes accurately like Bartles Jaymes Fuzzy Navel coolers.”

That had me intrigued adequate to demeanour those adult (I’m some-more of a Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill girl). Just in box you’re in a market, I found them during Total Wine for $4.99 a four-pack.

While a Dollarmamas were facilely drinkable, they won’t leave we confident a proceed a pleasant tiki-style drinks will from Jason Alexander of Tacoma Cabana and newly non-stop Devil’s Reef in downtown Tacoma. But I’m meditative if you’re frankly reading a story about a dollar cocktail, you’re not acid for a high-end tiki destination.

What Dollarmama does have going for it is that they sip down easy and they’re super cheap, that grill forecasters are lauding as a proceed to get some-more diners into a chain’s seats. I’ll buy that. we beheld many of a tables around us grouping a Dollarmamas, and many some-more were eating burgers from a limited-time $7.99 burger-and-fries menu.

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Yes. Dinner and a cocktail for $8.99. Yeah. It’s a good time to be alive, my tightwad friends.


As a hired swell who is tasked with traversing Pierce County restaurants on your behalf, I’m always looking out for your wallet. Here are some-more easy deals that cost around a sire during locally-owned restaurants.


Loose Wheel in Puyallup and Tacoma has 50 cent wings any Wednesday, nonetheless we have to sequence them in increments of six. Still, 3 bucks will fill we adult since they’re huge. Also, any Thursday is 99-cent taco day. Pick from soothing or tough beef tacos or duck tacos. (6108 6th Ave, Tacoma; 253-301-1647 or 715 River Road, Puyallup; 253-848-4444.)

Poke Pop, the poke play grill in Fircrest, has dollar miso soup any day and it’s a tastiest play of sire soup you’ll ever order. (2013 Mildred St W., Fircrest; 253-565-2393).

Nutela macaron

La Waffletz and Macaron Station in Freighthouse Square sells small four-bite pieces of sky in a bakery arrangement case. Find some-more than a dozen flavors of a ethereal fritter cookies called macarons. They’re $1.75 each. (430 E 25th St #32, Tacoma; 206-489-9770).

Paraiso lumpia 2

Paraiso Native Filipino in Lakewood has $1.25 pig lumpia that burst when we punch into it. Filled with pig and veggies. Their potato-stuffed, spiced empanadas are also $1.25. (10518 South Tacoma Way, Lakewood; 253-584-6494).

Zocalo cookie

Zocalo Mexican Bakery in Tacoma’s Lincoln District has cookies for underneath a buck. If you’re lucky, you’ll locate them on a day when they’ve got 4 cookies for a dollar. (701 S. 38th St., Tacoma; 253-474-9000).

Pierce County Applebee’s locations

Tacoma, Puyallup, South Hill, Lakewood, University Place, Bonney Lake, Gig Harbor.

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