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LAWRENCE — Exclamations of “Que linda!” — “How pretty!” — rang out Friday afternoon as, one by one, women done their grave entrance into multitude as quinceañeras, in a sermon of thoroughfare they never distinguished when they were young.

Oasis Adult Day Health Center in Lawrence hold a celebration — a Latin American tradition celebrating a girl’s 15th birthday and transition into adulthood — for some of their clients who didn’t have one of their own.

“I don’t even have difference to demonstrate my emotions,” Buena Ventura (La La) Canario pronounced in Spanish. “Since we came to Oasis in 2011, this has turn my second home.”

The women, donned in dresses donated by Progress Clothing, were escorted by Lawrence military officers, firefighters, and politicians.

Mayor Daniel Rivera, and possibilities William Green and William Lantigua done appearances, along with other city leaders.

The Oasis health center, on Broadway, serves elderly patients whose medical conditions need nursing supervision, and people with disabilities. The goals of a module are to yield encampment health involvement to forestall beforehand institutionalization.

The women all came to Lawrence during opposite stages in their lives, and by opposite circumstances.

“A lot of these women were brought adult in bad circumstances, and this is a Latin American tradition, so a fact that Oasis would take a time out to respect them and give them what they didn’t have as children is awesome,” pronounced Rivera, who escorted one of a women. 

“We work any day to get a military closer to a community, and we suspicion this would be a good event for that,” Rivera said.

Rivera presented any lady a certificate celebrating a sermon of passage.

As they done their entrances, their stories were told.

The women all described still childhoods, where they worked tough to assistance support their families. They dreamed of being military officers, teachers, doctors, musicians, and mothers.

When they had families of their own, some put those aspirations aside, and upheld them on to their children in America.

U.S. Army Capt. Edwin Romero gathering adult from Fort Knox, Kentucky, to chaperon his mother, Margarita Romero.

“She worked so tough in a Dominican Republic, and entrance to New York, she lifted 5 kids in a 1970s. It wasn’t easy for her,” he said.

Even yet it was Margarita’s special day, she voiced usually honour for her son, and all her children.

“This unequivocally took a encampment to put together,” pronounced Jose Ramos, box coordinator during Oasis. “From a nurses to a drivers, everybody pitched in to make this a existence for these women.”

Ramos pronounced a thought was pitched when a customer mentioned they never had a quinceañera, and other women told staff they hadn’t either. This is one of a bigger events a health core has organized, pronounced Ramos, though they are always doing things to bond their clients with a community. 

They recently had a “Miss Oasis” beauty pageant, and are already formulation a “Mister Oasis” foe to be hold soon.

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