Negroni slushies, Negroni floats: Everything is on a list during …

More than National Margarita Day or any other designated cocktail holiday, Negroni Week (June 5-11) seems to get people meddlesome around here. Maybe you’ve never listened of it, though you’ll see it — a sea of embarressed amber-red drinks flooding a bars will vigilance to we Negroni Week is here.

A bittersweet aperitif, a Negroni (gin, Campari and honeyed vermouth) is versatile. Swap out a solitaire for scotch and we get an superb boulevardier, one of a many renouned whiskey cocktails in Seattle. Swap out solitaire for any spirit, really, and you’ll get a decent cocktail. It’s a tried-and-true template. Bartenders adore personification around with it, generally during Negroni Week. Barrel-aged and carbonated variations are common during those 7 days, and with a object returning, design to see this flattering splash in forms of slushies, ice cream and Popsicles. Here are some engaging takes around town.

Bar Harbor

Always a throng pleaser, Negroni slushies will be churning during this South Lake Union seafood place, ideal for a comfortable weather. Even better, we can get a slushie surfaced off with stimulating rosé.

400 Fairview Ave. N., Seattle; 206-922-3288,


Or right subsequent to Bar Harbor, take a private conveyor 14 stories adult to this square in South Lake Union. Mbar does coffee and PBJ variations. Its scotch Negroni is done with a Spanish vermouth, Yzaguirre Rojo Reserva, for some developed fruit and sharp notes, with a jar of coffee tincture. The second take is done with BroVo Jammy Vermouth.

400 Fairview Ave. N., Seattle; 206-457-8287,

99 Park

This Bellevue bar grill went a dessert route, with a carbonated Negroni cocktail surfaced with a dip of Campari-vanilla ice cream, a play on a root-beer float.

99 102nd Ave. N.E., Bellevue; 425-287-6041,

Good Bar

Some form of citrus is customarily combined to play on a zesty note from a Campari liqueur, though this Pioneer Square bar tweaked it with cantaloupe considerate and bedecked a splash with melon balls.

240 Second Ave. S., Seattle; 206-624-2337,


A bar that boasts one of a largest collections of agave spirits takes a Negroni where we would design — a tequila movement with a spirit of French oak. Bartender Casey Robison creates some of a best tequila drinks on Capitol Hill.

1420 12th Ave., Seattle; 206-588-8105

The Nest

As if we indispensable any forgive to hang out during one of a many pretentious views, this downtown rooftop bar offers 6 Negroni variations. The Nest feels like lounging on a lido deck, with a backdrop of islands and a snowcapped Olympics. Down a few rum Negronis, and we competence feel like you’re firm for some pleasant paradise.

110 Stewart St., Seattle; 206-623-4600,

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