National Pizza Day: Where to get a best cake on Staten Island

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Happy National Pizza Day! (Crickets) Wait, what? Surely this is a done adult food holiday we can get behind, right?

After all, Dean Martin crooned it best: “A large pizza pie — that’s amore!”

It’s (deliciously) cheesy though true: Of all a topics that glow up Staten Islanders, higher pie provokes a liveliest debates.

Come on, we can opine over a best brick-oven crusts and workman toppings until a uninformed cow’s divert mozzarella comes home.

But initial let’s get down to business. Here’s a outline of all we need to know about a best S.I. pies:

We asked we to share your imagination for a “Best Pizza” difficulty of the 2015 Bet of Staten Island Awards. More than 13,000 legit votes later, you announced your winner: 

Barely 1-year-old, Eltingville’s Campania Coal-Fired Pizza — 3900 Richmond Ave., 718-227-3286; — kick out precinct legends Denino’s and Lee’s Tavern to take tip honors with 3,586 votes.

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