National Chicken Wing Day 2018 is Sunday: 10 places charity giveaway wings and deals

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It’s National Chicken Wing Day this weekend and we can applaud with good deals!

JACKSONVILLE, FL – FEBRUARY 01: A Buffalo Wild Wings grill is seen on Feb 1, 2018 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Buffalo Wild Wings)

National Chicken Wing Day is Sunday, Jul 29, 2018 – which means tons of restaurants are giving divided giveaway and inexpensive duck wings. Get your bibs and napkins ready, since we’ve dull adult a list places charity some overwhelming National Chicken Wing Day deals and freebies.

1. Hooters 

This National Chicken Wing Day, do a American thing and let “FREEdom Wing!” That’s Hooters’ motto this weekend, according to their Facebook page. This Sunday, they’re charity 10 giveaway weak wings with a squeeze of any 10 wings. The offer is current usually for dine-in orders during name locations. Check its website for details. 

2. Wingstop

Wingstop is celebrating National Chicken Wing Day by charity 5 giveaway wings with any in-restaurant purchases this Sunday. You’re means to select between weak or traditional, and they’re even bringing behind their desired Spicy Korean Q flavor. And as a bonus, they’ll be rising installed fries and Cajun boiled corn as dual of their newest sides. Check its website for details. 


3. Native Grill and Wings  

If we love Native Grill and Wings, afterwards you’ll be anxious to find out they’re also fasten a National Chicken Wing Day party. They’re charity ten-cent wings on Sunday, that represents a strange cost of their wings when a Arizona sequence was initial founded in 1979. The offer is singular to 10 wings for person, usually one salsa or dry massage per order, and is usually current for dine-in orders. Visit their website to find a plcae nearby we and find some-more details. 

4. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza 

Listen up, South Florida! Your favorite eatery, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, is charity business a possibility to win giveaway wings for a year. To enter, all we have to do is make a dine-in or take-out sequence any time between now and Jul 29th. The some-more we visit, a some-more chances to win. One leader will be selected per location. Visit their website for details. 

5. Madison Social

Live in Tallahassee, Florida? Then get your keister down to Madison Social this National Chicken Wing Day. The grill is charity all-you-can-eat wings on Sunday, Jul 29 from 10am to 10pm. For $15, your initial sequence comes with 10 wings, and all re-orders come with 5 wings. Read their Facebook invite for a full scoop.

6. Trapp Haus‘s National Chicken Wing Day BOGO

On National Chicken Wing Day, Trapp Haus in Phoenix, Arizona is charity a “buy one, get one free” special on their “Philly Crack Wings”, reports

7. Pluckers Wing Bar

Pluckers is offering 79-cent wings on National Chicken Wing Day. Customers contingency sequence in increments of 10 wings, and a offer excludes plantation and celery. Puckers has locations in Texas and Louisiana.

8. Big City Wings

Big City Wings is celebrating National Chicken Wing with a dirt-cheap deal! The Houston, Texas-based sequence is offered 70-cent wings all day on Jul 29. Find a plcae nearby we by clicking here, and get your fill!

9. Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is handing out giveaway Snack Wings when we sequence a small, middle or vast normal or weak wings order. The offer is current for dine-in guest usually during participating locations.

10. East Coast Wings Grill

Time to puncture for change in your sofa, because East Coast Wings Grill is offered 50 cent wings on National Chicken Wing Day. This offer is disdainful to their rewards members, so make certain to pointer adult by clicking here.


Check with your internal restaurants to see if they are carrying wings deals. 

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