National Burrito Day is today. Here’s where to eat

It’s finally here: National Burrito Day.

Sure, it’s a made-up holiday, though any forgive to indulge in a celestial multiple of tortilla, meat, rice, beans and cheese is A-OK in my book.

And hey, there’s no sequence that says we can’t brew things adult on Burrito Day. Deep-fry that bad child and, bam, chimichanga! Add something honeyed and make it a dessert chimi. Or conduct over to Pinterest and squeeze a recipe for a burrito pizza.  

Do we wish fries with that burrito? Head over to Del Taco. Participating stores are charity a giveaway tiny sequence of Crinkle-Cut Fries when we buy a two-for-$5 Classic Burritos deal.

There are so many good places in Southern Utah to applaud this critical culinary date. If we need assistance choosing, here are some of a restaurants The Spectrum has reviewed in a past year, in no sold order:

Angélica’s Mexican Grill

Angélica’s serves mostly normal Mexican offerings, though a small things make it mount out. It has a patio. It has alcohol. It has a torpedo salsa bar. What’s not to like? Everything is delicious, though a chile verde stands out as a sold treat, surprisingly prohibited and partial of a lovingly polished recipe.

Where: 101 St George Blvd., St. George.

Price: Depends mostly on how inspired we are. Street tacos start at a integrate of bucks and go on adult to large tortas that run $10.50.

Mr. Cebollin Mexican Food

Mr. Cebollin is a family-owned grill trustworthy by a potion doorway to a Veyo Merc gas station. The parking is full and a smiles are extended as visitors leaved pressed with burritos, fajitas, and homemade chips and salsa. The use is friendly, and a food itself is elementary and familiar, with a bookshelf of prohibited salsa options accessible to supplement some piquant punch and variety. 

Where: 13 N. Main St., Veyo.

Price: Inexpensive.

Sanchez Mexican Food

Like a lot of sneakily tasty Mexican restaurants, tucked in strip-mall selling plazas, Sanchez offers a informed menu of tacos, burritos, soups and enchiladas. It also facilities equipment typically tough to find in St. George area, like cabeza and lengua. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s cheap. It hits a spot.

Where: 1418 W. Sunset Blvd., St. George.

Price: A la grant starting underneath $2; $5-$8 for a meal.

Cafe Sabor

Eggrolls and pasta aren’t ordinarily found in Mexican restaurants, though Cafe Sabor does radical transport as good as it does traditional favorites. So go forward and try a Chino Latino Eggrolls or Tequila Lime Pasta. But if you’re jonesing for something in a tortilla, their chimichangas — boiled to golden soundness with a gratifying break — are not to be missed.

Where: 290 E. St. George Blvd., St. George.

Price: $6.50-$14.

Sushi Burrito

OK, this one sneaks in on a technicality. Sushi Burrito is radically a sushi grill that offers a turn on a normal palm hurl by swelling it and adding a few mixture we competence not expect. The outcome is a hurl that’s about a distance of a burrito. Not a fan of tender fish? No worries — nonetheless tender fish is an option, a categorical mixture in some-more than half a equipment on menu are boiled or grilled. The newness of it alone is value giving Sushi Burrito a try, though there’s adequate on a menu that you’ll wish to go back.

Where: 1233 Sage Drive, Cedar City 

Price: $7.99-$9.99 for rolls, $6.99-$8.99 for bento boxes 

Is your favorite not on a list? Comment and let us know what grill we should examination next.

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