Munchie Madness Part Two: Instagrammable Foods in Irvine

By Allison Economou

Last time on Munchie Madness, we featured some of a craziest creations being bought and sole during little and rare locations around Southern California. Here, we list some-more of a places that conduct to mount out among a flurry of other Instagrammable items.

5. Cali Tacos (Fries Taco Burrito)

(Cali Tacos)

Cali Tacos is a initial grill on this list charity adult a beast of an option. Located in Orange, CA, this little taco emporium serves what is famous as a FTB, or “fries taco burrito.” The essence of a burrito along with a huge distance make for an arguably inconsumable entrée. The burrito, that can be purchased for 17 dollars, is not one that should be eaten alone and is not something even a vast organisation of friends could substantially finish. Although a plate can be compressed to demeanour reduction melancholy by being compressed into a styrofoam box, it strays too distant from a normal burrito to be deliberate one. Even yet a FTB is substantially a usually object from Cali Tacos value Instagramming, a honeyed smell, full salsa bar and entirely assigned store proves that business come for reasons other than Instagram popularity. we wouldn’t go out of my approach to try Cali Tacos, though a stop competence be value it if it happens to be on a approach home.

6. Slater’s 50/50 (Peanut Butter Jealousy Hamburger)


Slater’s 50/50 has mixed locations via Southern California, with a closest one to UC Irvine being Huntington Beach. The peanut butter jealousy hamburger is accurately what it sounds like. A patty lies between dual sugarine wheat buns and is coated in thick, tawny peanut butter and honeyed strawberry jelly. Before any arguments are finished about peanut butter not belonging on a hamburger, consider about a many marriages of honeyed and tasty that contain some of a many desired foods. You competence have to ambience it to trust it, though who wouldn’t wish to try something as vast as a PBJ burger?

7. Creme Sugar (Unicorn Hot Chocolate)

(The Feast)

Walking into Creme and Sugar feels like walking into Alice’s Wonderland. The store’s decor, that includes a mottled floorboard, opposite sized mirrors, and slogans that pronounce directly to everyone’s favorite fairytale, is dainty in inlet and ideal for immoderate enchanting unicorn and charmer themed confections. Although there are many talented creations to select from, a store’s many appealing object for roughly all a senses is a unicorn prohibited chocolate. This dessert is delivered to business in a lovable mop with a store’s name printed onto it. It competence be tough to trust that prohibited chocolate is even inside a mop as a towering of churned cream surfaced with pinkish sprinkles and multi colored mini marshmallows cover everything. The ladle that accompanies a decadent splash can simply be used to wade by a cream and find a abounding chocolate splash inside. Contrary to what many people competence assume, unicorn flavored dishes are not being finished that often. Except for a Starbucks’ unicorn frappuccino that blew adult in recognition a few years ago, unicorn desserts aren’t popping adult all over cafes and bakeries in Southern California. This creates Creme and Sugar one-of-a-kind and truly an knowledge that shouldn’t be missed.

8. The Attic (Mac n’ Cheetos)


Long Beach competence seem like a prolonged approach to go for mac and cheese, though holy mac and cheetos, we haven’t lived until you’ve attempted what’s famous as a Reggie! A Buzzfeed video, that generated mass recognition for this grill behind in 2016, is still bringing in visitors from all over a world. Almost each weekend night we will see a entirely packaged residence inside a grill and outside on a patio. windows and outside square seating. The mac includes 3 opposite kinds of cheese and uses trottole noodles. Chopped bacon adds a singular season to a dish, though doesn’t repress it permitting a fiery prohibited cheetos to act as a loyal star of a show. It provides a creamy, decadent essence that is approaching from mac and cheese while also providing a textural knowledge that is distinct anything compared with normal dishes. The Reggie can be systematic in several sizes to share or eat alone. It can also be attempted along with 4 other appetizers by grouping a restaurant’s appetiser representation menu option. As good as this mac and cheese is, don’t disremember what else is being served on a menu. From a ambiance to a Creole shabby cuisine, all about this place is out of this world.

9. Krazy Cup ( Ice Cream, Chips, and Other Snacks)

(Allison Economou)

Called a “munchies bar” for a good reason, Krazy Cup is loading each break food possible into cosmetic to-go cups with ice cream or chips. After selecting ice cream or chips as a base, business can supplement things like fruit, queso, Reeses, peanuts, or chocolate salsa until their cups  overflow with sugarine or sodium. A good further to this store is that it offers normal Mexican candies and candy that can be interconnected with likewise shabby Mexican ice cream flavors like Horchata. Although a thought is one that jives with a seductiveness of many millennial break lovers, compiling break food together can simply be finished during home.

10. Dahlicious Creamery (Galaxy Rolled Ice Cream)

(Dahlicious Creamery)

Although a store offers an endless menu of rolled ice cream options, Dahlicious Creamery creatively went viral for charity a universe rolled ice cream called Far, Far, Away. Upon initial viewing, this ice cream looks too honeyed to be consumable, though a birthday cake season that this provide goes for is abounding and tasty but an combined sugarine rush or tooth ache. The churned cream and sprinkles to tip it off are a good touch, and they make a provide demeanour like a entirely finished package. Apart from a ice cream itself, a store offers a fun knowledge as business can watch a ice cream being rolled in front of them. The line was prolonged and will many expected be prolonged when we go, so lay back, relax and watch a dexterity of rolling ice cream.

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