MOOYAH Brings Back Oktoberfest Burger for September

In 2017, as partial of a renouned Taste to Try program, MOOYAH Burgers, Fries Shakes expelled The Oktoberfest, a anniversary burger featuring Swiss cheese, grilled onions, kraut, mustard and Applewood smoked bacon on a baked in-house potato bun. The limited-time burger became one of a top-selling Taste to Try offerings, that is because a scarcely 100-unit “better burger” code is bringing it behind this year from Sep 3 to Nov 4 with a twist. In further to being means to suffer this fan favorite burger, guest will also be means to try a recipe on MOOYAH’s universe class, all-beef prohibited dogs.

The Taste to Try module was grown in 2016 to uncover Guests a scarcely unconstrained volume of burger combinations that are probable to emanate with MOOYAH’s innovative toppings and sauces. In 2018, MOOYAH has already featured mixed appetizing builds, including a Mushroom Swiss and spring’s The Indulgent BBQ. These campaigns give Guests a possibility to learn and tumble in adore with any seasonally desirous recipe.

“The Oktoberfest is full of anniversary deteriorate and was one of a top-selling additions to a renouned Taste to Try module in 2017 – so most so that we motionless to give a Guests another ambience this year as both a burger and a prohibited dog creation,” says MOOYAH Burgers, Fries Shakes Vice President of Brand Natalie Anderson-Liu. “The Oktoberfest is good for Guests who wish to come in and share a tumble deteriorate with their family and friends as propagandize is removing behind into full swing, and it’s also ideal to move to a football tailgate or collect adult to suffer during home.”

The Taste to Try module isn’t only resonating with Guests; MOOYAH franchisees have enjoyed as most as a 40-plus percent boost in check averages with Taste to Try equipment over a final few years.

“We are unapproachable of portion a really best burgers and providing Guests with unconstrained options to fit any arise and franchisees with new ways of selling a menu,” pronounced MOOYAH Burgers, Fries Shakes COO President Michael Mabry. “The Oktoberfest is a fun and tasty approach to acquire a tumble season, and we expect a burger and prohibited dog offerings to be only as successful in 2018 as a strange burger was final year.”

At MOOYAH, Guests have a advantage of selecting from a accumulation of bun options, such as baked-in-house workman potato or multigrain wheat non-GMO buns and hand-crafted lettuce buns called Iceburgers to accompany a never-frozen, 100 percent Certified Angus Beef code burgers, all healthy Jennie-O turkey and mouthwatering MorningStar Farms black bean veggie burgers. Each epicurean burger can be customized with 5 cheeses, Applewood smoked bacon and sliced avocado, along with 9 giveaway veggie toppings and 11 giveaway sauces.

MOOYAH’s hand-cut fries come together in a six-step routine that takes a sum of 24 hours to totally prepare. A pleasant multiple of consistent courtesy and a small sorcery assistance renovate U.S. #1 Idaho potatoes into perfect, crisp-on-the-outside and fluffy-on-the-inside fries. Guests also have a choice of delicious honeyed potato fries. Never one to forget dessert, MOOYAH offers 100 percent genuine ice cream shakes, permitting guest to select from 7 flavors trimming from vanilla and Hershey’s chocolate to Reese’s, Oreo and more.

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