Misiuk: This Saturday: Ice cream for breakfast day

Breakfast, nutritionists say, is a many critical dish of a day. During my morning mist we customarily equivocate elaborate, time-consuming preparations and opt for toast or cereal. On resting weekends I’ll whip adult French toast or pancakes.

Snippets in several publications introduce that dim chocolate consumed in mediation promotes good health. Works for me so with no shame whatsoever, we tip pancakes with semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Even yet we suspicion it not possible, news about breakfast food got even improved and stirred me to expel aside normal morning transport and reinstate it with a favorite food — ice cream.

At Japan’s Kyorin University, scientists detected that eating ice cream initial thing in a morning boosts mental and earthy performance. I’m on house with that given it takes me a while to animate myself from a somnambulant stupor. we journey along on autopilot until my mind absorbs high-octane caffeine.

Professor Yoshihiko Koga resolved people who ate ice cream for breakfast exhibited faster greeting times and information estimate when challenged with mechanism exercises. The ice cream, it seems, shocks a mind into aloft alertness. So we theory proxy mind solidify has a benefits.

A 2005 Institute of Psychiatry (London) investigate didn’t welcome a ice-cream-for-breakfast fast though concurred it might trigger appetite and overjoyed feelings. The tellurian mind requires glucose to function, and let’s face it, ice cream has plenty.

When we was a kid, both relatives worked so my breakfast on-the-fly mostly consisted of Chef Boyardee ravioli (yes, unheated — no x-ray ovens behind then) or a bologna sandwich (no propagandize breakfasts either). Later in my singlehood we fought being labeled “pleasingly plump” by adding chocolate powder to slick divert to flog off my day. These days a habit with effervescent waistbands creates me comprehend an hourglass figure isn’t in a cards for me.

I’m totally in sync with ice cream for breakfast. It’s value a try to jump-start my day. I’ll embankment a cereal and toast and dip adult a inexhaustible assisting of chocolate ice cream and douse it with another food deemed healthy — dim chocolate syrup.


— Patricia Misiuk is a Lakeland resident. You can strech her during SHOOK46@aol.com.

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