Minnesota burger corner rightly predicts Super Bowl measure – KMSP

Philadelphia Eagles 41, New England Patriots 33. Who could have likely a final measure of a record-breaking Super Bowl? Well, a tiny grill in a tiny city of Lonsdale, Minnesota ideally likely a score…with burgers.

Taste of Lonsdale hold a Burger Battle in a week heading adult to a Super Bowl. The New England burger is a maple-infused burger surfaced with bacon, grilled apple and cheddar. The Philly burger is built with cheesesteak mixture like grilled peppers, onions, mushrooms and melty cheese.
Before we bellow out a big, ‘YEAH RIGHT!’ there’s explanation in Taste of Lonsdale’s Facebook feed. It was a parsimonious conflict all week, though on Saturday, Feb. 3, a Philly burger edged a New England burger 16 to 7. The final measure of 41-33 was posted during 9:56 a.m. on Super Bowl Sunday – some-more than 7 hours before kickoff.


“This is THE BEST superbowl EVER~! Why??…Cuz since of all of a AWESOME Customers who participated in a Taste of Lonsdale Battle of a Burgers this final week …OUR Battle of a Burger Final was Philly 41 to New England 33…and uh a REAL Superbowl Final IS Philly 41 to New England 33. Just know YOU who came and ATE might have put this win in a universe~! BAHAHAHA we LOVE THIS~! My hubby pronounced Lonsdale could be inhabitant news in a overwhelming way) since of a Taste of Lonsdale Battle of a Burgers bahahah THANK YOU Thank YOU THANK YOU~! to ALL who came and assimilated in on a FUN~! For those of we who dont trust …look for my progressing posts from HOURS before a superbowl started.”


“FINAL Superbowl Battle of a Burger totals.. (I forgot a trip during a bureau so no print sorry)….Yesterday, New England scored in during 7 and Philly scored in during 16~! WOW Great spin out, interjection everybody for fasten in on a FUN~! So a FINAL SCORE IS NEW ENGLAND 33~! and thats GREAT though Philly WON with 41! Way to go Philly~! Good fitness to them both currently for a genuine Superbowl. Keep watch for some-more good burgers in a weeks/months forward and come on out to try them all ~! Next week we will have a Bustin’ out a Blue for all those blue cheese lovers….you cannot wish to skip this either!!”


The Eagles and Patriots sum for 1,151 sum yards – that’s a many of any NFL diversion (not only Super Bowls).

New England’s 33 points were a many scored in a Super Bowl loss.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady pennyless his possess Super Bowl record with 505 yards flitting and became a initial quarterback to mangle 10,000 yards in his postseason career. 

Anyone else prepared for a burger now?

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