Milwaukee restaurateur’s Bubble Waffle Shoppe scores with Super Bowl


Albert Yee, who has a mount during UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena offered burble waffles, talks about bringing his mount to US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis for a Super Bowl on Sunday.
Mike De Sisti

Restaurateur Albert Yee packaged adult his organisation of 10, apparatus and ingredients, including 2,000 pounds of flour and 60 dozen eggs, and left Friday morning for a Super Bowl in Minneapolis, where he’ll sell his “bubble waffles.”

“That’ll produce a lot of waffles — we don’t know if it will be enough,” pronounced Yee, a usually food businessman from Milwaukee during a large game.

Counting fans in seats, standing-room ticket-holders, a media and others, a throng of 85,000 is approaching during US Bank Stadium to see a Philadelphia Eagles vs. a New England Patriots on Sunday.

“It’s an knowledge we never imagined,” Yee said.

He operates his Bubble Waffle Shoppe during a UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, offered Hong Kong-style egg waffles. He calls them burble waffles given a dull aspect looks like burble wrap.

He Americanized a soothing waffles, he said, by holding them over a tip and stuffing them with ice cream and assorted toppings. They sell for $7 during a Panther Arena, though they’ll be $10 during a Super Bowl.

Yee has been a cook in Milwaukee given 1986, handling Chinese restaurants and, some-more recently, a Hawaiian-style grill called Kalua on Milwaukee’s west side, afterwards a Burg, a burger emporium in Cedarburg, both defunct. 

He started offered burble waffles after removing a benefaction agreement during a Panther Arena. With minimal room for equipment, he initial mulled offered sushi, afterwards remembered a egg-waffle manacles he’d bought in China and put in his basement, he said.

He marvels that after 30 years of cooking especially Chinese food in restaurants and festivals, he’s anticipating what feels like present success offered ice cream and waffles.

The waffles come filled with a few suggested combinations — a Golazo is vanilla solidified custard with graham cracker, lemon curd, blueberry compote and churned cream — or business can pattern their possess fillings from several ice creams, toppings and sauces, including one flavored like burble gum.

Just for a Super Bowl, he’s offered an espresso burble waffle, vanilla solidified custard and espresso sauce. 

Yee isn’t certain how it happened, exactly, though someone who saw his burble waffles endorsed him as a Super Bowl vendor. He was invited to request in Nov and schooled in early Jan that he’d been accepted.

Now he’s anticipating to open a Bubble Waffle Shoppe during Mayfair mall in Wauwatosa in Mar and supplement stands during other venues. He’s not prepared to give adult offered Chinese food during summer festivals such as Zoo a la Carte and Bastille Days, though he skeleton to supplement a second counter for a waffles.

His newfound celebrity in Milwaukee has been opening doors, including a use of dual vehicles from Soerens Ford of Brookfield to transport to a Super Bowl.

Being means to sell his waffles during a Super Bowl represents some-more than large one-day sales. Yee sees it as some-more bearing for his immature business, launched in October —  not only during a diversion itself, with the tens of thousands of attendees, though during dual private events he’s now catering in Minneapolis during Super Bowl weekend.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Yee said.

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Milwaukee restaurateur’s Bubble Waffle Shoppe scores with Super Bowl


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