Mean NASA solidified yogurt drudge creates a tiny lady cry

NASA: where we can check out a uses of glass nitrogen, squeeze your really possess star map and settle a healthy dread of robots from a immature age. 

Dad and Redditor Derwolfe took his 4-year-old daughter to a Johnston Space Center in Houston, Texas, for a day of educational fun recently, and it was mostly going ok— until dessert.

A high-tech (is it?) solidified yogurt appurtenance betrothed to customize a small girl’s dessert, done it to her specifications and showed it to her.

Then, it only took took it divided from her. 

“It was a funniest/worst thing we have ever seen,” Derwolfe commented. 

He elaborated in a post that she had been seeking about a solidified yogurt drudge “10-12” times given after lunch. She said, as 4-year-olds do, that she had a “separate territory for dessert.”

After a initial startle and trauma, her relatives whisked her divided to a distraction-viewing of a brief film about space rovers, followed adult by an wanderer ice cream. By all other means, that’s an glorious finish to a day during NASA.

As for a durability implications of this betrayal, Derwolfe said, “We are in an involuntary automobile rinse right now, re-establishing her trust In robots.”

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