McDonald’s Pulls Fitness Tracker Toy From Happy Meals After Reports of Skin Rash

McDonald’s is pulling a “Step It” aptness trackers from Happy Meals only days after introducing it, following reports a wearable might give some children a rash.

“We have taken this quick and intentional step after receiving singular reports of intensity skin irritations that might be compared from wearing a band,” Terri Hickey, comparison manager of tellurian corporate communications during McDonald’s told NBC News in an emailed statement.

The children’s wearable came in 6 splendid colors. Some of a bands counted steps, while others blinked to prove how quick a chairman wearing it was moving.

In one instance, a Facebook post display photos of a immature child wearing a aptness tracker and a symbol his mom pronounced it left on his arm has been common some-more than 126,000 times given final weekend.

McDonald’s was charity a trackers in a U.S. and Canada restaurants. Hickey pronounced McDonald’s was “fully questioning this issue” and would offer an choice Happy Meal toy.

While aptness and McDonald’s might not seem like a match, a tracker is one of a grill chain’s latest health-centered initiatives. In 2012, a association began adding apple slices to Happy Meals.

McDonald’s has also offering an collection of healthier side plate options for relatives who would rather their child abstain french fries.

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It seems even Olympic athletes — some of a fittest people in a universe — can’t conflict a allure of a golden arches.

The McDonald’s opposite in Rio’s Olympic Village is billed as one of a hottest tickets in town, with Olympians fervent to tell after an event.

It also doesn’t harm that a food is free. McDonald’s has reportedly had to top a sequence extent for inspired athletes during 20 equipment after many systematic a smorgasbord of quick food.

Australian badminton actor Sawan Serasinghe showed off his considerable widespread on Instagram, writing: “Now it’s time to eat some junk food after months of eating clean!”

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