McDonald’s strictly adds bacon double cheeseburgers to the menus

(Picture: McDonald’s)

Attention, burger fans: McDonald’s is following in Burger King’s footsteps by finally adding bacon double cheeseburgers to a menus.

Well, 64 of them.

From today, 64 of McDonald’s 1,270 UK restaurants will sell a burger, and if it’s a success, they’ll hurl it out opposite all of them.

The double cheeseburger is a organisation favourite when it comes to McDonald’s, removing dual works ideally for a categorical meal, one is a good further to a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

(Picture: McDonald’s)

This is a initial time that a bacon double cheeseburger, that costs £1.99 and has 495 calories, will strictly underline on a McDonald’s menu in a UK.

It comes with dual patties, dual cheese, dual rashers of bacon and onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup and a bun.

It’s not totally new. It was probable to emanate a burger before, we only had to ask to supplement bacon to your customary double cheeseburger during a till.

But now we no longer have to go by a irritating customisation routine on those hold shade menus, as a burger is strictly partial of a menu.

We’re super vehement to try out a new burger – we only wish McDonald’s unequivocally does follow entirely in Burger King’s footsteps and spin it into an XXL.

Please, McDonald’s?

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