Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Turmeric and Garlic: Comfort Food Hack!

With a New Year quick approaching, we’re all on a demeanour out for easy and healthy ways to ascent classical health-bombs. In this case, barter standard crushed potatoes with crushed sweet potatoes for a healthy and delicious chronicle of a classic.

The White Potato: Healthy or Not?

So, what’s a problem with white potatoes? According to a 2014 news from a Harvard School of Public Health, a crater of white potatoes has about a same outcome on blood sugarine as a can of soda or a handful of candy.

In fact, potatoes are not even enclosed in a unfeeling difficulty on Harvard’s Healthy Eating Plate. This is because a carbohydrates in white potatoes are eaten rapidly, causing blood sugarine and insulin to swell and afterwards crash.

This roller-coaster-like outcome on blood sugarine and insulin recover can outcome in people feeling inspired shortly after carrying a meal. Cue: overeating.

Even more, Harvard’s report notes, “over a prolonged term, diets high in potatoes and likewise rapidly-digested, high carbohydrate dishes can minister to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.”

Of course, this does not meant we should run screaming from white potatoes during each encounter. Consider them a provide to be enjoyed mindfully in moderation. Potatoes do enclose essential minerals and vitamins, after all, and can be done into tasty homemade French fries – no drive-thru required.

Potato Upgrade: Sweet Potatoes

Everyone’s favorite orange berry has critical health benefits, generally compared to a white counterpart.

Sweet potatoes are a abounding source of fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants such as beta-carotene, chlorogenic acid, and coumarins. Compared to white potatoes, honeyed potatoes exaggerate some-more fiber, have a reduce glycemic-index, and enclose distant some-more nutrients, including vitamin A.

Unlike other sources of beta-carotene (carrots, shaggy greens, cantaloupe), orange-fleshed honeyed potatoes have been shown to have a higher ability to increase blood levels of vitamin A. This is since honeyed potatoes enclose a rarely bioavailable accumulation of beta-carotene.

Comfort Food Revamp: Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Along with swapping white potatoes with nutrient-rich honeyed potatoes, this recipe uses turmeric and garlic for combined health benefits. Turmeric is installed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds, while a compounds in garlic foster heart health and defence complement support.

Olive oil adds essential healthy fat to a recipe and make a vitamin A in honeyed potatoes some-more simply absorbed. Finally, unfeeling gas adds a abounding and delicious flavor, though could simply be substituted with organic bone broth, unsweetened almond or cashew milk, or duck batch instead.


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Photos by Kate Gavlick


Kate Gavlick

Kate is a Nutritionist with a Master’s of Nutrition from a National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon and a blogger and photographer of Vegukate. Kate believes in nutritive a whole physique with real, colourful dishes that feed a mind, body, soul, gut, and each singular small cell. Her truth is elementary when it comes to food and nourishment: cut a processed junk, listen to your body, eat by a seasons, eat plates and bowls filled with color, highlight less, and suffer each singular bite. When she’s not cooking in her too little Portland kitchen, Kate can be found perusing farmer’s markets, doing barre classes, hiking, reading, and exploring.

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