Mark Wahlberg’s Chain Adds Impossible Burger to Menu

Vegan Saved by a Bell Lipstick Debuts

Bayside’s Lisa, Kelly, and Jessie will be represented by totally ’90s lead hues in a new line by Sola Look.
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Vegan Doughnut Shop Replaces Pickle Store in Baltimore

Donut Alliance will offer Boston Creme, Pink Lemonade, and S’mores flavors of yeast-raised vegan doughnuts in a new Northeast Baltimore emporium this spring.
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YouTube Star Opens Vegan Korean Café with Her Mom

Rose Lee—of YouTube channel Cheap Lazy Vegan—opened brick-and-mortar eatery saVeg on a belligerent building of a gym in Calgary.
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Reality Fitness Show Promotes Plant-Based Eating

New existence Facebook uncover helps save lives and encourages families to grasp their aptness goals.
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Coca-Cola to Launch Vegan Smoothie Line in UK

The libation hulk is re-launching existent code Adez in 3 coconut-, almond-, and oat-based smoothie flavors to gain on a expansion of dairy-free demand.
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