Manchester’s Angry Egg: ‘Come Hangry, Leave Happy’

The Angry Egg’s trademark will make we giggle — a cranky-looking oval with a burst “forehead” and complicated brows in a low scowl, sporting a chef’s toque and brandishing a spatula.

The name of Liz and Steve Hall’s new Manchester grill was desirous by an occurrence in their home kitchen, Liz says.

She was cooking breakfast one morning for her family when a whites of a frying egg started “spitting and jumping” in a pan, she says. “I said, ‘Wow, this is a unequivocally indignant egg.’”

The Halls are an gifted grill couple, who met while operative during Cavey’s in Manchester — Liz as a dining room manager and Steve as a sous chef. Steve has also worked for Carbone’s Kitchen in Bloomfield. The integrate took over a former Sunny Side Up restaurant, opening their cafeteria in late March.

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