Man v Food is rising a plea in London – could we take on a 3kg cheeseburger?

A Man v Food plea is entrance to London, though do we have what it takes to better a strong 3kg cheeseburger?

To applaud a return of Man v Food with new horde Casey Webb, The Roadhouse grill in Covent Garden is portion adult utterly a challenge.

The huge burger consists of 6 patties, any injected with a opposite cheese, including Jalapeno, Stilton, Monterey Jack and Red Leicester – and that’s not all, oh no.

Layered into a disposition building of patties is a Big Apple prohibited dog, honey-roasted ham, smoked ham, fry turkey, streaky bacon, chilli beef, American cheese and lettuce, all really delicately offset within a soothing brioche bun.

And if that weren’t enough, a burger also comes served with a inexhaustible one-pint jug of cheese salsa for pouring on top, a raise of fries and onion rings. YUM.

The burger will be accessible to sequence during a Covent Garden venue from Feb 2 to Feb 16 between a hours of 5.30 and 8.30pm, and if you’re one of a initial 50 people to try a artery-clogging challenge, you’ll get a gigantic burger totally giveaway of charge.

If you’re not one of a initial 50 customers, we still have a possibility to eat for free. You only need to devour a whole 3kg burger and a many, many sides in 15 minutes. Fail to do so, and a burger will cost we £30.

God speed.

The Man v Food 3kg cheeseburger plea is being hold during The Roadhouse Restaurant, Covent Garden from Feb 2 to Feb 16 between a hours of 5.30 and 8.30pm.

There will be a limit of 10 plea spaces accessible per day, initial booked, initial served.

Man v Food with Casey Webb front double-bills on Food Network commencement Saturday, Jan 27 during 8pm.

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