Man sues Whole Foods after anticipating rocks in his rotisserie chicken

A Las Vegas male is suing Whole Foods after violation his teeth on rocks inside a rotisserie chicken. TMZ reports that Dr. Albert Liu pennyless dual teeth on stones found in a ready-to-eat Organic Naked Rotisserie Chicken purchased from a Texas-based grocer.

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Liu claims that he contacted Whole Foods to record a news and that a manager pronounced they should never have sole him a chicken. But apparently, it’s utterly normal for fowl to eat rocks. In mixed forums opposite a web, endangered ornithology relatives scrutinise about a reserve of their pebble-eating birds. Bagus Adiwiluhung, a doctoral tyro during Aalto University in Finland, says it’s required to assistance them digest food, deliberation their mouths bear no teeth. He quotes author John Hudson Tiner, who wrote, “A bird swallows tiny pieces of sand that act as ‘teeth’ in a gizzard, violation down tough food such as seeds and so assisting digestion.”

Most state laws say that if someone finds a unfamiliar intent in their food, they can sue. But if it’s something deliberate “reasonably approaching on consumption” — like fish bones or cherry pits — afterwards we substantially won’t win. Glass, metal, and cosmetic are apparently lawsuit-worthy, though given it’s common use for chickens to eat pebbles, it’s misleading either or not Liu’s teeth-breaking rocks will be deliberate foreign.

The Daily Meal has reached out to Whole Foods for comment.

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