Make kimchi during home, put it on a burger

Make a pivotal layers of this shining burger smoke-stack your possess by personification with a recipe here. We substituted fish sauce, a normal part in kimchi, for Worcestershire sauce. Add orange juice, cumin or chilis to a avocado cream cheese to tailor to your possess tastes.

Go forward and prep extras of a fixins, too; spin kimchi and avocado cream cheese into fridge staples to enrich all sorts of sandwiches, hashes and pellet bowls. You competence even make them into a bruschetta-type appetiser when a burgers are prolonged ago gobbled up. 

Quick Kimchi

2 cloves of garlic 

1-inch doorknob of ginger 

2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce 

2 tablespoons sriracha 

1 tablespoon sugar 

3 tablespoons rice booze vinegar 

1 conduct of napa cabbage  


Avocado Spread

1 avocado 

8-ounce section of section cheese 


1 dozen hamburger buns 

3 pounds belligerent beef 

salt + pepper 


1. Start by creation a homemade kimchi: Roughly clout a cabbage and rinse in a colander. Transfer to a vast blending play and deteriorate with salt. Into a tiny blending bowl, abrade a garlic and ginger regulating a microplane. Whisk a ginger and garlic with a Worcestershire sauce, sriracha, sugar and rice booze vinegar. Pour over a cabbage and toss together. Let marinate in a fridge until we are prepared to use. 

2. Next, mix a avocado and cream cheese in a food processor and mix to a excellent consistency. Transfer to a tiny play and keep in a fridge until we are prepared to offer a burgers. 

3. In a bowl, deteriorate a belligerent beef with salt and peppers and form into 12 equal burgers. Fire adult your griddle and prepare to your elite doneness. 

4. To arrange a sandwiches, allegation a bottom bun with a inexhaustible volume of avocado cream cheese, place a burger on tip of a cream cheese and tip with a inexhaustible handful of homemade kimchi. Top and offer while still hot. 

Prep time: 30-40 mins Cook time: 15 mins Yields: 1 dozen

Tips + Tricks:

**To make this recipe even easier, we can use store-bought kimchi. But if we do make this recipe, it will keep in your fridge adult to 2 weeks. 

**Keep a avocado cream cheese in your fridge, too. Because it is equal tools cream cheese, it will not consume quickly.

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