Make A Delicious, Crispy Pizza Out Of Sweet Potato Mash

You customarily have some leftover crush after a large baked dinner. (It’s one of those things it can’t harm to make too most of.) This goes doubly for crushed honeyed potatoes, that aren’t to everyone’s taste. Next time, instead of nuking – and ruining – your leftovers in a microwave, try formulating this crispy potato pizza instead.

The mixture in a video above was done from Thanksgiving leftovers, though we can request a same element to a ruins of any baked dinner. All we need is a half-bowl of crushed honeyed potato, an egg, leftover beef and some salsa or gravy.

If you’ve never done your possess pizza dough, don’t worry, this one is super simple; it’s unequivocally some-more of a “flat bread” brew than loyal pizza dough. Just dip out your crushed honeyed potatoes, supplement an egg, brew that up, and gradually incorporate flour until we have a nice, effervescent dough. Sprinkle some-more flour onto your work surface, hurl it out, and send to a parchment-lined piece pan.

From there, it’s kind of a choose-your-own-adventure kind of deal. The Brothers Green use creamed spinach as their sauce, though we could use gravy, or any other tawny stew dish. Top with ornithology meat, shredded cheese and any other leftovers we consider competence work as pizza toppings.

Pop a whole thing in a super prohibited oven (250 degrees Celcius) until a cheese is melty and a membrane is crispy. Once you’ve devoured that, finish examination a above video to get even some-more artistic leftover inspiration.

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Creations [Brothers Green Eats]

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